A Single Lady's Valentine's Day as Told by "New Girl"

Valentine’s Day is a week and a half away, and I’ve yet to find someone to sweep me off my feet with some dark chocolate and red roses. In stocking up for my own Galentine’s Day, I’ve decided to pick out some bestselling romance books, buy a pint of my favorite Graeter’s ice, and wrap myself in one of those sherpa blankets in preparation to watch a series I’ve been waiting to see. So while I may not have someone to swap me off my feet, at least I can say that the alternative is pretty dang sweet. 

Here’s Valentine’s Day as told by “New Girl.”

When you see all the couples holding hands...  

 When all the stores have pink and red and purple everywhere but your heart is a little blue

When you try to find one of your single friends to hang out with you on Valentine's Day, but she decided to go on a Tinder date instead...

So you bash Valentine's Day and all the couples who partake in it.

When you realize that having a day to yourself might be a good thing...

So you stock up on all the sweets you possibly can. 


And of course, you have to eat something substantial too.


Then you pop in a movie and watch it, then put in another one... and another one. 

Then despite trying to spend Valentine's Day alone, some guy catches your eye...

Happy Valentine's Day!! 




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