Redefining the Rules: Why You Should Watch "The Bold Type"

Even in this day and age, it’s hard to find a TV show about women empowering women. Too often, I’ve watched TV shows with female leads and fallen into the common trope of, “Is she going to pick John or Smith? Just kiss him already!” As if the only important event in a woman’s life is whether she gets the guy. 

I started watching Freeform's The Bold Type a month ago and instantly fell in love. WithThe Bold Type, I finally realized that a woman’s life could be vivid and fulfilling, even without a knight in shining armor. While there are romantic relationships in the series, it mainly follows three women around the age of 25, making their way up the career ladder at "Scarlet", the nation's top women's magazine. Jane is a new writer trying to make her mark, Kat is the Social Media Director trying to make an impact, and Sutton is an assistant trying to find her perfect job. Instead of only focusing on romances, The Bold Type focuses on positive, supportive female friendships that put Blair and Serena’s definition of BFF to shame. Backstabbing, undermining, and one-upping don’t exist in The Bold Type women. Rather, issues are solved in ways that matter: through confrontation, acceptance, and forgiveness. But their relationships are real, both flawed and honest, brave and bold.

Each character’s story arc was well-paced, and something was accomplished in each of the ten episodes. Throughout the whole series, I laughed at their hilarious mishaps and cried when they cried; because I saw a part of myself in each of them. Jane’s irrational rationality matches my everyday struggle between doing what I want, and what I believe others want me to do. Kat’s determination to stand up for what she believes in matches my willingness to debate for what I hold dear. Sutton’s journey to find out what she wants to do mirrors my anxiety over which career path I want to follow. In each character, there is inarguably a quality you will relate to. And with each episode, you will fall more in love as these women learn more about themselves and the lives they want to lead. By the end of the season, you'll walk away with a new view, feeling empowered, bold, and ready to take on the world.

In ten episodes, The Bold Type tackles sexual orientation, equality, sexual assault, breast cancer, feminism, careers, and politics in a tasteful and tactful way that is sure to inspire you to aspire.

But if you don’t believe me, then take the Editor of Scarlet's word for it below.