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Reasons You Should Start Loving Yourself Right Now

Loving yourself in a society that constantly tells you you’re not thin enough, tan enough or pretty enough is a radical movement. It’s hard to face the mirror and declare, “I am beautiful and I will love myself.” But oh, it’s so rewarding! I mean..there are plus-size models strutting the runway now along with celebrities going against the use of Photoshop. There’s women taking their health into their own hands. Self-love is taking over and it’s only just started. 

So in case you haven’t joined the movement, here’s just a few reasons why you should start loving yourself right now.

  • You’re entering the adult world–scary, right?–and there’s no time to hate yourself between the struggles of transitioning from childhood to adulthood and getting your sh*t together.

  • It’s exhausting to have all of that negative energy toward yourself. Self-love is more rewarding and makes you happier!
  • College is hard enough: endless essays, piles of reading and countless all-nighters to finish the previous two. Hating yourself just adds to the chaos. So do yourself a favor and love who you are.
  • Your mom won’t always be there to reassure you that you’re special. You’ll have to start doing it yourself.
  • You don’t need the validation of that Frat boy.
  • You’re bada**, girl. Keep it up.

Come on, ladies! Let’s show society who’s boss!

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Cammy Abel


Cammy is a fourth year Creative Writing major at the University of Cincinnati.She enjoys playing with kittens, eating ice cream, and procrastinating her homework.When she's not procrastinating with a kitten and a heaping bowl of ice cream in her lap, she's usually playing with her niece, who happens to think she's the funniest person in the world.You can find more of her writings on her blog that she updates sporadically. 
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