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A Prayer For Peace This Holiday Season

It’s not news to anyone that as soon as November first comes around, the atmosphere completely changes and the only thing on our minds is the holidays. For some, this may be good but for majority of the population, we have two months to be as jolly as possible, this means topping any and every celebration, present and moment captured from years prior. For me, this time of year gives me a bigger sense of warmth and willingness to give off vibes of love and friendship with each person I encounter. No matter the religion, ethnicity or race of our nation, one thing we all have in common is a need to be surrounded by the best of people this time of year, which is what makes it so amazing and such a joyful time. But sometimes this isn’t the mindset of every individual placed on this earth.  

In light of the recent chaos that has combusted over the past few weeks in our world, it is extremely difficult to see the love in others eyes, but rather vivid images of bombs, guns and hatred which is infiltrating the air we breathe every second. In trying to understand the problems this world faces, the first thing thought that comes to mind is “why?”. Why is a time that is to be filled with loved ones and prosperity turning into a mere cry for help before the world completely depletes and terror consumes our grounds. Our neighbors should not have to live in fear, wondering if at any moment themselves or their families will be killed due to unnecessary war and radical terrorist groups who feel the need to kill the innocent.  

Coming into this holiday season is evidently going to be a very difficult time for many. But the truth behind all of this is that it’s not about what you receive, it’s about how you choose to give. Peace is not something that appears in random spurts when the man upstairs feels it is necessary. Peace comes from within- from those who choose to love and be loved in return, rather than prove a point through mass destruction. To think that the root of many of the problems our world is facing revolves around the greed of others over money and land is a concept that is sickening to comprehend. While the holidays are supposed to be about giving gifts, and toys, and expensive electronics to those we love most, it should be a challenge to each person first, to give the gift of peace and love. Monetary gifts can be given at any moment in any of our lives, but when war strikes and we are left with next to nothing as a nation, those things will no longer be prevalent. What will matter most is our willingness to love. 

This season, peace needs to come first. If each of us gives the gift of peace and compassion before worrying about how many presents will be wrapped under the tree or sitting next to the menorah, it will have a dramatic impact on the vitality of our future. Please, pray for peace this season. Give the gift of love, and watch how much can change in such a short amount of time. 



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Lilly Madias


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