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One of things I used to look forward to every weekday before the world spiraled into a pandemic were my walks to class. Not only did I get to breathe in fresh air and get a little bit of cardio from all the stairs, I got a solid 10-15 minutes of uninterrupted time to listen to my favorite podcasts. There was nothing better to me than strolling campus with my backpack on, headphones in, and being lost in a podcast. When my walks to class were cut from my schedule entirely, I was sad for many reasons. The loss of my beautiful campus walks and podcast time was definitely one of those reasons. 

A whole year later, it’s finally been announced that they will be offering more in-person classes next semester! With this new update, I am excited to say I will finally have my old weekday routine back. This time around I’ll never complain about the stairs (or at least try not to!) To celebrate the news, I decided to share with you, dear reader, a list of my favorite podcasts! I hope they give you as much joy, knowledge, and entertainment as they do me.


1. The Mile Higher Podcast

If you are a fan of true crime, conspiracy, unexplained phenomena, and other woke topics, this one’s for you! It’s hosted by husband and wife duo, Josh and Kendall Rae with help from their editor/cousin Janell. They talk about an array of topics and have opened my mind to many new ideas and perspectives on the world. Josh’s story telling skills are top notch and Kendall drives the conversation to help dig out the deeper details of a story. 

These two also have other podcasts, Josh hosts the chilling Light’s Out Podcast, while Kendall and Janell have a lighter, conversational podcast called The Sesh. I highly suggest the Alyssa Tunrey or JFK conspiracy episode to get you started with The Mile Higher Podcast.

2. What We Said Podcast

This podcast will give you two new best friends! The hosts, Jaci Marie and Chelsey Jade, are two long-time besties in LA that talk candidly about relationships, health, life, business, and much more. Jaci and Chelsey are influencers who also run a side gig of helping women achieve their business dreams. This podcast is so fun, light, and uplifting. Hands down their best episodes are the storytelling ones! They ask their audience to send in submissions and they read the crazy stories on the pod. 

They have done episodes on worst first kiss stories, crazy proposals, worst roommate tales, disaster weddings, real life scary stories and the list goes on. Each of these episodes is so enthralling because they are true tales that us the listeners send in! I highly suggest listening to the What We Said Podcast and following Jaci and Chelsey on their socials, you’ll feel like you just made two new best friends!

3. Science VS Podcast

Gimlet’s science VS is a fun science podcast that helps tear through what’s fact, what’s fiction, and what’s something in between the two. The host, Wendy Zuckerman, is a lively Australian woman who guides us through the science of the episode with energy and enthusiasm. Every episode we meet an expert and learn straight from the source about the topic. Wendy helps break down the science/evidence for us listeners and guides us to the episode’s conclusion in a fun and entertaining way. 

They have episodes on a variety of subjects such as: COVID-19, Bigfoot, vaping, heartbreaks, and even platypuses. I love to learn and this podcast makes it so easy and fun to discover new things. I highly suggest checking it out on Spotify and seeing if they have any episodes on topics you’re interested in! 

4. Our Love Story Podcast

If you are a hopeless romantic like me, you’ll enjoy this podcast about real-life love stories. Each episode is short, concise, and oh, so sweet. You can feel the love oozing out of the headphones with this one. Each episode is told from a different real life couple, who share the story of the milestones of their relationship and life with us.

It’s refreshing to hear what real-life love sounds like and the hardships that come with it. Each couple is unique and tells a different story about how their love has prevailed over time. If you need a feel-good podcast, this is the one for you. 

Mya Shell

Cincinnati '22

Mya is a marketing major with a digital engagement certificate who loves pepperoni pizza, milkshakes, and her cat. Originally from a small, corn covered town in Ohio, Mya chose to move to the Cincinnati area to attend the University of Cincinnati and see what the city life was like. Writing is something Mya has always dreamed of doing and Her Campus is the perfect platform for her voice to be heard!