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The Perfect Thing to Take Your Workout Playlist to the Next Level

Listening to a podcast while I workout?

Yes please! I just recently started this and it has done wonders for me, and I’m thinking it will do wonders for you, too.

There are tons of free, informative, and enlightening podcasts out there — you just need to do a little research to find one that you would like. Phones already have specific podcast apps programmed into them, making them easy to access and listen to.

Podcasts vary in length, but I usually listen to podcasts that are 45-60 minutes long. They are perfect to listen to while running, walking, on the elliptical, or while on other gym machines. Another awesome thing about podcasts is that they help take your mind off the idea of working out in order for you to focus on the speaker in your ears.

Podcasts have become extremely popular and are very fun to listen to. They come in nearly every genre, category, etc. and there are always new ones coming out!

I just recently started listening to one called, How I Built This, on NPR which describes how entrepreneurs started some of the most well-known companies around. This podcasts series goes into great detail with brands such as Edible Arrangements, Bumble, Airbnb, and more! Just from listening to several of these I have learned a ton about starting a business and the crucial traits of these relentless founders.

If this type of podcast isn’t up your alley, there are tons more, and in nearly every single genre out there. I have friends who listen to them while commuting to work, while performing mindless busy work, or while trying to fall asleep.

Still not sure if it’s for you? Try one!





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Emma Komrska


I am currently a Junior at the University of Cincinnati. In my free time, I love to explore new kinds of workouts, check out the latest trending shows on Netflix, & meet empowering women on/off campus. If you have any questions for me I would love to answer them at emmakomrska@gmail.com ENJF // "love does does not keep a record of wrongs"
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