An Open Letter To the Guy with the Difficult Girl

We apologize beforehand and maybe you’ve already learned that we’re not the easy girls. Not only in the way your mind instantly went to, but in the fact that girls like us don’t make anything easy, especially relationships.

You might have zero idea yet that this girl, your girl is difficult. She’s difficult in a tasteful way. She’s challenging and intellectual. You might completely disagree with what I’m saying, but I can promise you one thing; that nothing worth having is easy and if she’s indeed worth your time she will be hard to love.

She’ll fight with you, sometimes even over the stupidest things. She’s not like the other girls that think everything you say came straight from the word of God. She’ll question your thoughts and everything you’ve ever believed is true because her goal is to open your mind to the endless possibilities of the world and sometimes she wants you to see the world through her eyes too. She’s not there to make your life hard, just to challenge you.

She’ll probably nag you, constantly—it’s not because she thinks she’s your boss. It’s because you’ve confided in her, shared your dreams with her and now she’s there to ensure that you don’t settle for anything less than you deserve. She believes in the kind of man you want to grow to be. Listen to her. She’ll also most likely get mad at you…a lot. Sometimes over things that you might think are ridiculous or minute. It’s not that she enjoys the fight because she doesn’t, it makes her an anxious mess. It’s just because she knows what kind of guy you are and holds you to a very high standard.

When loving this kind of girl, you must understand that she’s not like the rest. She won’t be keeping other guys on the side or get jealous over girls that you say don’t matter. She’s the real deal. Take her seriously, that’s how she sees you.

The best advice I can give to the guy that’s into the not so easy girl is if you’re not ready for her walk away. If you’re not ready for someone who wants to stand by your side as your further exceed any expectation, you have for yourself or for the scowl you get from her when you fail an exam you didn’t even study for then leave and leave soon.

But if you're looking for the way to disable the difficult girl then the best thing you can do is acknowledge all her efforts in you and reciprocate.

The fact of the matter is if she’s putting that kind of energy and expectation into you then you’re special to her and if you’re not willing to look beyond the difficulty of her then you’re not worthy of the love she is capable of giving you.

She’s not the kind of girl just to pass time with. She’s the kind of girl to you build with. Keep the difficult ones.