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New UC Organization Promotes Ambition and Social Acceptance Through Fashion and Style

The fashion industry has debatably become one of the most lucrative and in demand industries over the past decade. It seems like everywhere you turn, there’s a new fashion line coming out, a new fashion blogger making national headlines and a new fashion driven reality T.V series premiering. Six years ago, Teen Vogue published, “The Teen Vogue Handbook: An Insider’s Guide to Careers in Fashion,” to satisfy constant inquiries of how to work in fashion and to how keep up with the evolution of the industry in the digital age. Well here on UC’s campus there is an innovative group that recognizes this evolution of fashion in the new era that focuses on bringing fashion to a collegiate setting, outside of the School of Design Art Architecture and Planning (DAAP) demographic. Regardless of your background in the industry or your major, as long as you’re interested in fashion, UC’s The Fashion Syndicate wants you.

Being one of the very few fashion groups on campus, their main goal is to standout, since they are one of the only groups of its kind that is based outside of DAAP. Fashionable students all over campus want to feel empowered and comfortable. The Fashion Syndicate can help you do that. Members will often be encouraged to step outside of their comfortable zone with fashion and redesign the status quo.

“Many of us love fashion, but we often do not have the outlet to truly discuss it, feel encouraged and accepted to do so,” explains Mica Thompson, who served on the E-Board of the Fashion Syndicate last year. Thompson further explains, “The Fashion Syndicate promotes and implements programs and initiatives that help foster a sense of self-empowerment, acceptance, and representation amongst diverse individuals and diverse cultures. The Fashion Syndicate appreciates and empowers fashion and design through showcasing talents through all entities of diverse groups of cultures.”

They’re definitely adding to the culture of UC through fashion. With this, they have been the fashion master minds, who have been behind orchestrating UC’s Spring Fashion Show for the past seven years. The UC Spring Fashion Show highlights student fashion design and wardrobe styling, as well as showcasing fashions that are from our surrounding community. They’ve even successfully executed this show despite not yet being an official University of Cincinnati organization. In previous years, they were known as an ambitious group of students who put on this fashion show because they were inspired by their love for fashion. Just recently, this past January they’ve been approved as an official University of Cincinnati organization through UC’s Campus Link. Now, with more resources and accessibility from the University, The Fashion Syndicate has even more exciting events planned this year than ever before. 

“This school year will be our first full year as a student organization,” says Thompson. “The UC Spring Fashion Show is in its eighth year of production and this will be the second year The Fashion Syndicate has been the main producer of the show.”

But of course, this success didn’t happen without obstacles. “As with any organization, we face obstacles. It’s a challenge to remain up to date. Being that we are a new organization keeping the fire burning while gathering new members will continue to be something we strive for,” says Thompson.

Currently, they’re gearing up to put on a Fall Fashion show this semester and they will begin casting calls for the UC Spring Fashion Show in November. Anyone can get involved by signing up at any program, signing up on their Campus Link site or keep in touch with them on social media outlets. The best way to stay up to date with their events and castings is by following them on Instagram @thefashionsyndicate_uc.

Want to join or have any questions? Contact The Fashion Syndicate with any questions by emailing them at [email protected].


Britt Fillmore is a graduate of The Art Institute of Cincinnati in Cincinnati, Ohio, with an Associate’s Degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing. She currently attends the University of Cincinnati working towards her Bachelor’s in Magazine Journalism with a minor in Fashion Design Studies from the school of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning. Britt Fillmore is from Dayton, Ohio, and has lived in Cincinnati for the past five years to pursue her dreams of becoming a wardrobe stylist. She one day hopes to work for a NYC magazine.
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