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This New App Will Make Picking Out Outfits a Breeze

Have you ever looked in your closet and said these simple 5 words? “I have nothing to wear?” Yeah, me too.

Have you ever wondered why you have nothing to wear when you have a boatload of clothes hanging in your dorm room? Same…that is until I started my college internship at Cladwell.

We didn’t always have big closets.

In 1930, the average American had 36 items of clothing.Today, the average American owns over 150 items and still has trouble getting dressed every morning. Meanwhile, every time we step foot in Forever 21 or H&M they are telling us that the more we buy, the more options we’ll have and the more stylish we’ll be. Psh. At Cladwell, they aren’t buying it.

What is Cladwell? Let me explain…

Unlike the rest of the fashion industry, Cladwell focuses on what people wear every day, not on what to buy. They don’t sell clothes or encourage you to buy more. Instead, they think you can create more outfits with fewer items.

So when I joined the team they had just finished building a personal styling app that gives you daily outfit recommendations from the weather and the clothes you already own.

You can try it out for free in the Apple App Store here.

The app allows users to input their entire closet without the tedious process of taking pictures. One of the most powerful concepts of the app is outfit inspiration. Just a mere 50 items — generates 10,000+ outfits — that’s nearly 30 years of outfits!

Consuming things will consume us.

As Cladwell’s website says, “Consumption creates an element of discontent around what we have in our lives today.” If we can stop obsessing over what we don’t have and want, we can begin to make the most of what we already own.

Cladwell wants to help you pursue a bigger life with a smaller wardrobe.

It sounds lofty, but it’s possible. Their team of stylists & developers know what it’s like to stare helplessly into a bulging, haphazard closet.

The next time you find yourself with nothing to wear or if you just want to try out a new challenge with your friends — think about Cladwell.



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