Megan Mitchell: Serving WAY Beyond Cincy

This week’s campus celebrity is Megan Mitchell. She may be a new member of Her Campus this year but she is involved in various organizations at UC and will definitely leave her mark. Megan strives to make a difference through her involvement with Serve Beyond Cincinnati, a student group here at UC that strives to do more and see real change in the world through world service learning and participation.

Name: Megan MitchellYear: 3rd yearMajor(s): Information Systems & International AffairsCampus involvements: Serve Beyond Cincinnati (President), Kolodzik Business Scholars Association (Treasurer), Rho GammaFun Fact: I’m going to have to go with the fact that I’ve had my temps five times

Her Campus Cincinnati: We're so excited to have you as a part of Her Campus this year and especially with all your other involvements! I know that a lot of people may not know what being a rho gamma is so could you give some background on that?Megan Mitchell: A Rho Gamma is someone who disaffiliates from their sorority from May 1st to Bid Day. In this time, a Rho Gamma serves as a recruitment guide for women looking to join a Panhellenic Chapter on campus! We must disaffiliate from our own chapter so that we don’t skew the opinions of the Potential New Members, to ensure that their decision truly is based on what they want

HC: That’s so awesome, so basically you disaffiliate in order to help these girls the best you can and give them the best experience possible?MM: Yup! Recruitment can be a stressful time for anyone, so we essentially are there for them so that they can have the most rewarding experience possible!

HC: Wow it’s very cool that you ladies do that. I can tell one of your passions is helping people, considering you're the president of Serve Beyond Cincinnati. How did you initially get involved with SBC?MM:  I initially got involved about a year ago when I signed up to go on the Fall Break Trip over UC's Reading Days to Pulaski, VA. I kind of signed up for this trip on impulse because it was cheap, something to do, and an easy way to get involved in a new organization. The night before the trip, I thought about faking sick because I didn't know anyone on the trip and that made me so nervous. At the same time, though, I didn't want to lose my $ I went. I loved it, and more so, I loved getting to know those five other individuals on the trip, which I was initially the most afraid of. After that, I fell in love with SBC and wanted to get involved in anyway I could. This led to trips to Tanzania, Costa Rica, New Orleans, and the Dominican Republic as well as the chance to serve on the Scholarship Committee and as the Director of Fundraising!

HC: I've been to South Dakota with SBC and can definitely agree that I was scared at first too but it ended up being one of the best weeks of my life. What advice would you give to someone who wants to get involved with SBC?MM: The South Dakota trip is definitely on my list of trips I'd like to do! The best piece of advice I can give to someone wanting to get involved with SBC is to just show up. For trips, that means being present with the work you're doing and really experiencing the culture you're in. I've made the mistake of overusing my phone on a trip, and that's something I will not do again! For the organization as a whole, we have general body meetings on campus about twice a month. Definitely come to those! Anyone can come, not just trip participants.

HC: Very nice, It's cool that anyone can attend your meetings! Now, considering you are in multiple organizations, why do you think it's important to get involved in college?MM: It's important to get involved because now is the time to figure out all of your passions and develop skills relevant to that. UC has almost 500 student organizations, and with that, it's so easy to find an club that suits you.

HC: I could not agree more! Unfortunately that is all the questions I have for you Megan but thank you so much for your time!

Keep up with Megan on Twitter (she’s funny, do it) @mNmitchAlso, to learn more about Serve Beyond Cincinnati go to their twitter @SBC_UC or website