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Meet Stephen Akanbi

Name: Stephen Akanbi 
Age: 20 
Year: 2nd
Major: Undecided 
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio 
Involvement on campus: GQ membership coordinator, UCASA member, and membership coordinator for NSBE (national society of black engineers)
HC: What are your duties as membership coordinator of both GQ and NSBE?
SA: I have the responsibility of coming up with ways to attract and retain members as well as keeping them involved.


HC: What has been your best experience at UC?

SA: I don't really have one best experience but I love the people I've gotten to meet here. The people I have met have all have challenged me and brought new and exciting things into my life.

HC: Tell me more about UCASA

SA: UCASA is an organization on UC’s campus that is focused on fostering unity, friendship and awareness of diversity and multi-cultural aspects of Africans and people of African descent. I am Nigerian and I love that there is some place on campus where I can celebrate my culture and learn about other African cultures.

HC: Why are you passionate about the organizations you are involved in?

SA: I am passionate about the organizations I am involved in because I feel like the organizations cast a positive light on African American culture and I like that I can be apart of that positivity.

HC: Why did you choose UC?

SA: I choose UC because I liked the sense of community the school has plus how can you turn down the #hottestcollegeinamerica?!


Temple is a second year fashion design major at the University of Cincinnati. In her spare time you can find her baking cupcakes, spending way too much time on her phone or shopping. Besides being apart of HC Cincinnati she also works part time at the DAAP library. 
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