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Madison Dunlap: Catch Her if You Can!

Full name: Madison Marie Dunlap

Hometown: Westlake, Ohio (Cleveland)

High School: Westlake High School.

Favorite part about hometown: my golden retriever Mollykins

Major: Marketing and spanish

Relationship status: In love with David Orndorff

Dream Job: to work in the marketing department for the Cleveland Indians

Dream city to live in when older: Seattle, Washington

Hobbies: running for the UC Track and Field team, cuddling with puppies, coloring books, watching baseball, traveling

Embarrassing story: when I was 11 years old my sister and I were outside and a bee came and my sister tried to swat it with a broom but instead she missed and hit me in the head and I had to get a staple in my head… there’s a dent in the broom now.

Favorite holiday: I really like Christmas, Thanksgiving makes me bloated.

Favorite foods: Sunshine skillet from Bob Evans (I suggest everyone to order it if you haven’t already)

Top three items on your bucket list (not in any particular order): skydive, I want to go camping for a week in Colorado, to give a hitchhiker a ride wherever he/she wishes to go.

Favorite song: The Heart of Life by John Mayer

Describe Madison in three words as said by David Orndorff: caring, clever, breathtaking

Something amazing about yourself that you want the world to know: I am very good at imitating Barbie

Best advice I could ever give: Focus on the journey and not the end result. Along the path of life we encounter things that make us happy, no matter the price or end result. My motto is to focus on what makes you happy, at the end of the day it wont be about the amount of money spent, but the time spent with those around you who make every moment worth it. 


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