Lindsay Combs: A Sorority Girl and Student Athlete

Lindsay Combs is a freshman majoring in Journalism. She plays water polo for the UC Women’s club team, something that she entered college with having no intention of doing. Turns out, it’s ended up being one of the best decisions and is living with three girls on the team next year! She is also an active member of the Pi Beta Phi sorority, which has also been a blast so far.

Her Campus University of Cincinnati: I’ve read your lifestyle blog, it’s really good! What made you want to start writing it?


Lindsay Combs: I’ve always kind of loved writing. In the sixth grade, we had to write a few vignettes, which are mini memoirs, and I had so much fun with it. In eighth grade, I wrote a piece about my parent’s divorce and it helped me cope a little bit with it. After that I didn’t do much writing until my senior year, when I started my blog. I had a lot on my mind one day, college stresses, fears about the future and post senior year. I sat down and simply started writing it out. Ever since then I have basically used it to help me work out how I am feeling, along with posts dedicated to loving on people in my life and trying to pretend like I’m inspirational.


HCUC: What made you choose UC?

LC: This is going to sound bad, but I originally didn’t choose UC. I grew up dead set on attending UK and was full force ready for that until about two weeks before confirmation deadline. However, my mom is a professor here, so, financially it is hands down the best option. Turns out, it was also the best option in all aspects and I wouldn’t change it for the world! Go Bearcats!!!

HCUC: You mentioned your mom is a professor here, what’s that like?


LC: It’s possibly one of the greatest things about being here. She teaches in the College of Allied Health and Sciences so she’s normally on East Campus rather than Main, aside from a couple days a week. Last semester she has a class in the building next to mine twice a week so I was able to see her both of those days. She sort of became my best friend since coming to college, since my best girl friends from high school are at other schools. She also teaches a ton of my sorority sisters, so it’s always fun to listen to them talk about her as a professor!!

HCUC: You also mentioned you’re in Pi Phi, how is that going?


LC: It’s awesome! I’ve met so many amazing girls that I probably wouldn’t have met outside of the sorority. I’ve been able to branch out of my high school friends, which has been really great for me. All of my best friends go to other schools aside from one, but he is a guy, so it’s been nice to get to know these girls so well, so quickly. They’ve become some of my best friends!!


HCUC: It’s so cool that you live in a sorority house. What has most surprised you with that?


LC: I think I expected it to be kind of crazy at first. Like constant movie nights or super noisy. It’s actually been the complete opposite. Its super laid back, basically a constant sleep over with a ton of girls that I already know. I have a single so I can hang out in my room and watch Netflix alone, or go downstairs and have a movie night with some of the other girls. Oh, I also have the closets of over 25 girls to add to mine so that’s a plus too.

HCUC: What made you switch from psychology to journalism?


LC: Going into college, I really had no clue about what I wanted to do. I chose psychology because I figured it would be a good basis and it would help me figure out what I really wanted. First, I teased the idea of adding a criminal justice degree and becoming a Criminal Psychologist. Then I thought about completely switching to something in CCM because singing is the only thing I am somewhat above average at. Eventually all I knew was that I needed to get out of psychology because I hate math and science. (Fun fact: psychology is a ton of science!! Wow who knew?!) So, I sat down and spent fifteen minutes writing about it and trying to figure out what I wanted to do. Then it clicked, why not do this? Why not write?! So I scheduled my meeting and a week later, I was a journalism major who would have a completed psychology degree by the end of the semester!