Kiss Kiss

Am I the only one who aimlessly online shops when in reality I should be doing something productive? (Please say no).

I will be the first to admit it is one of my guilty pleasures and my friends know it to be true. If I have my laptop open my roommate will immediately ask whether I working on homework or online shopping. The answer is more often the latter, but don’t tell my professors that.


Recently, I have been shopping for fall/winter to ensure I have a full wardrobe of the right pieces. My style involves mostly “staple pieces” including basics in simple colors (I have a plethora of styles of black tops), jackets and so forth. Though my wardrobe is composed of mainly “basics” I love incorporating fun pieces to make my outfit stand out.

In my online searches, I have found so many lip printed items that I am head over heels for. I’m a sucker for a pop of red and the lip print makes things a little sensual and fun, which I am all about.

Below I have some of my favorite lip printed pieces I have found in a variety of price ranges. [Threw some designer threads in there for major inspo!]