Juggling School and Your Internship

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Being a fulltime student and a job or an internship can be stressful right now but just think...it will all pay off in the long run when you snag your dream job. Here are just a few things you should remember when trying to juggle your work life and school life.

1.     Time Management.Stay organized, keep a planner, and write stuff down. Make sure you are scheduling yourself enough time to complete all the things you need to do like homework, work projects, laundry and even date night with your significant other. I recommend writing down your weekly plans every Sunday to make sure you’re not over booking yourself and you have time to get things done.

2.     Don’t take on more than you can handleYes the money may be good, but remember school is always the number one priority. 

3.     Don’t be afraid to ask for help.Asking for help can take a lot of stress and pressure away from you. If you never ask it may be too late.

4.     Prioritize what’s important.Don't overdo it. If you need to rest then rest. Make sure you get a good night of sleep before big projects and exams. Your body and mind will thank you later. If you do have to pull an all-nighter, try to make it to Starbucks in the morning, grab the Venti sized coffee and prepare for what you have in store for the day.

5.  Have fun!The most important thing!!! You can still have fun while handling your business at work, being a responsible student, and taking on a busy schedule. Make plans to hang out with your friends, plan a dinner and movie with your boo and just enjoy your college years! You only live once. While we are on the topic of fun, head over to our Instagram page @HCCincinnati for a chance to win FREE advance screening tickets to see The Intern (#TheIntern), a movie about a 70- year old widower Ben Whittaker who has recently discovered that retirement isn't all its cracked up to be and becomes a senior intern at an online fashion site. HOW TO WIN: Take a picture of yourself at your job/internship, tag us @HCCincinnati with #TheInternSelfie and you'll be entered to win! So easy!