It's Complicated: Social Media and Relationships

Our daily lives are pretty much ruled by social media, which can be pretty awesome or the complete opposite. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (just to name a few) are convenient ways to connect and keep up with friends -- and possibly make new ones.  Sure, social media can be an extremely useful tool--helping you see what your distant cousins on the other side of the country have been up to with just a click of a button or discovering some exciting news from high school friend who has recently gotten engaged and now pregnant with their first child. But wait, not so fast! Social media can be destructive weapon at the same time. A friend of a mutual friend just placed a heart eyes emoji under your "bae's" picture on Instagram.

Is it REALLY worth causing a fight?

We easily get offended if we catch our significant other posting tweets on Twitter or updating a status on Facebook but not responding to our text messages, or answering our phone calls.  These actions can cause problems within the relationship because now you’re left wondering to yourself, “What did I do to get ignored?” or the infamous question " Is he even into me anymore?"

Social networks can make us feel as if we are not in a relationship if our lover isn’t flaunting us constantly on their page. A simple #MCM (Man Crush Monday) or #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) post can effortlessly show all of your online friends and followers that you’re taken with just 3 letters. Many couples feel as if social networks have no effect on their relationship, and some even think as if the sites help the communication between them. You and bae can relax in bed and have a laugh about a not so sober picture that one of your old college colleagues posted, or a status update your mom wrote about how fine Denzel Washington is. Even though you cannot necessarily control what gets posted online by your partner, you certainly can control how it affects your relationship. Things will only bother you if you let them. 

How does Social Media affect your dating life? Let us know below!