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How to Survive Finals Week When You Have Anxiety

Life is rough enough when you have anxiety, but add in the stress of finals week and you suddenly resemble a mad scientist who has been electrocuted too many times. You feel like the slightest thing is going to set you off, and those midnight meltdowns are more frequent. You feel so frantic all the time that you forget to put your socks on. It happens. But never fear, fellow anxiety-sufferers! Here’s a few ways you can survive finals week and limit those meltdowns to about one a day.

1.     Make a list.

To-do lists can be daunting. You see just how much you have to do, and can’t help but think, “How am I ever going to get all this done?!” which results in your mind going into panic-mode. But make this list different! Add some fun drawings whenever it’s time to cross out a task (ex. Katniss shooting an arrow through “Wash clothes because you’re out of underwear”).

2.     Tackle.

No, not like in football. But if it helps to tackle your roommate, then go for it! (just make sure they’re aware of this and provide proper padding) But tackle your tasks one at a time. Don’t even think about that paper that’s due next week when you have one due tomorrow. Nothing will get done completely and to your best ability if you’re worrying about other assignments.

3.     Exercise.

I know the last thing you’re thinking about is any kind of physical activity. But trust me, it works. Whether it’s lifting some weights, punching a bag, or yelling at Shaun T during Pure Cardio, it’ll release those amazing endorphins. You’ll feel the tension in your muscles melt away, and your mind will be more at ease. Or dance it out! Put on some Jesse McCartney or JoJo and just let loose. If you’re absolutely against physical activity (I can’t even blame you), then do some stretching! YouTube has so many tutorials. Just don’t get distracted by those funny cat compilations.

4.     Pamper.

Spa day! Yep, that’s right. Treat yo’ self, girl. Grab your favorite sugar scrub, lotion, and bubble bath (by the way, did you know Bath and Body Works’ shower gels double as bubble bath? You’re welcome!) and dump some Epsom Salt into the tub. Scrub away that stress, and make your skin silky smooth. Follow it with some facial love: masks, pore-strips, exfoliating, cleansing, moisturizing, everything! And then (yes, even more pampering) paint your nails your favorite color. Now don’t you feel like a pampered goddess?

5.     Talk.

Don’t let the anxiety build. Talk to your parents, friends, roommates, cat, or chinchilla, whatever. Just get it off your chest and mind. Having a venting session with someone is extremely helpful and it gets all your pent up anger and frustration out. Then you’re left with a clear mind and you’re ready to get some sh*t done!

Finals week won’t kill you. You will finish those essays. You will ace those exams. You will finally be able to sleep in and not worry about if you emailed your paper to the wrong teacher. Just remember to breathe and to take things slow and soon you’ll be able to binge watch Netflix without worrying about homework. 

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