How To Survive Finals Week

It’s almost summer, which is exciting! But the not so exciting thing that comes before summer vacation? Finals week. Here are five tips and tricks to get through all your exams!

Take breaks

When studying, don’t cram all of the material from half of a semester into a study session the night before the exam. Try not to wait as long as possible to write that essay you’ve been putting off. Instead, study for your exams in sessions. Take an hour to study, and then maybe a ten-minute break. Also, study different topics throughout the day, not just one! Write that long-awaited essay in sections, not the night before. That way, you can have more time to focus on what you want to say!

Listen to music

This is something that does not work for everyone, but that’s okay! If you want, you can listen to songs without lyrics and save your favorite playlists for times when you aren’t trying to focus on studying.

Don’t spend all of your time studying

In the same way that you need to take breaks, be sure to take time out of your study session! Go out to eat with friends or go on a walk, something that is not studying but still productive.

Study with friends

It can be nice to not be sitting in your room or the library, studying alone! Go to the library and study with your friends. You don’t all have to be studying the same thing, either, it’s just nice to have other people there so you are not studying by yourself all the time.

Vary your study habits!

Instead of re-reading your notes or your textbook, vary it up! Find a way to make studying fun, maybe try watching YouTube videos on whatever it is that you’re studying! Or re-write your notes using fun colored pens, something that will get you to see the information in a new way.