How to Prep for Internship Interviews 101


1. Apply, Apply Apply!

  • Applying to a couple of internships is not the best idea. Internships are very competitive and it’s important to keep your options open. I applied to probably 50 internships and interviewed with five and received two offers.

  • Look on Handshake Indeed, LinkedIn, and other appropriate websites to find internships. 

  • Don’t be afraid to ask professors and advisors in your field for opportunities as well.


2. Beware of non-paying internships

  • You will find internships that will not pay you. It’s important to ask people who have had a similar internship if it’s a smart choice to accept the job.

  •  If you accept this position, are you willing to make the sacrifice of no pay? Do you need to find a part-time job to pay the bills? 

  • Carefully look at all your options.


3. Your resume should be spotless! 

  • You need to make sure there are no spelling errors and it is clear. Interviewers are making judgements before you walk in that door.

  • Look at UC’s link here for creating one and be sure to get an appointment to have your resume look at for FREE


4. Get involved

  • If you’re not already now is the time to get involved. I recommend this, especially if you haven’t worked many jobs closely related to your major. 

  • Like I said earlier, internships are competitive, and it is a good way to stand out. They may ask you questions about your organizations and how it has prepared you for internships.


5. Dress to Impress

  • Look very closely at your interview invitation to see how to dress. 

  • Business means that you should wear a suit.

  • Business casual equalsdress pants and a nice, professional blouse.

  • Stay away from flashy jewelry and heavy makeup. I usually will wear small diamond studs and stick with concealer, powder, and mascara.


6. Do your research

  • Go on glassdoor or other websites to see interview questions, reviews about the job, and so much more. 

  • Interviewers favor those who prepare!


7. Have questions ready!

  • Asking questions is so important it’s not even funny. And I don’t mean questions regarding just pay or how many hours you’ll work. Make sure you ask specific questions, which allows you to engage with your interviewer and really get to know the company. 

  • Here are a few examples of good interview questions:

  • What are some of your company’s goals this year?

  • What are you looking for in an intern?

  • What are your expectations from me if I were to be hired?