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How to Navigate Yourself Through #NYFW16

Do you smell the fresh scent of fabulous designs and high- end couture in the air? That’s right people, the very best week of the entire year has officially commenced as of 9am on Thursday February 11th, 2016… NEW YORK FASHION WEEK 2016. The most highly anticipated fashion event of the year has finally arrived after many grueling days of anticipation. What new trend is going to wash over the fashion industry this season? Who’s runway show is going to leave the longest lasting impression? How will I be able to see every design on the runway this season? All valid questions that are running through any style-savvy person this year for NYFW. New York Fashion Week, in the eyes of many, is just a time for designers and fashion critics alike to display their newest collections for the season. Many view it as a mere visual replication of what will be seen in stores, but little do they know that Fashion Week is a movement far more profound than a display in a store from window.

For decades prior, Fashion Week, whether in Milan, Tokyo, London or New York, has developed a legacy in making each year following spectacular- not only in the designs on the runway, but also in the performance and entertainment part of the display. Fashion Week in every aspect has become more of a culture than just a one- week event of discussion that fizzles out after the seventh day. This year I challenge your inner fashion fiend to truly honor some aspect of New York Fashion Week 2016. Whether that means looking at the hashtag (#NYFW16) on social media, watching a show (or five hundred if you’re me) on vogue.com, or watching the live- stream on Snapchat or Twitter. Many do not realize that profound impact that fashion and clothing have on today’s culture. In their most raw and pure form clothes are a mere objects of expression. Beginning at that and expanding into a world of creativity and imagination in the way you can dress yourself, everyone has a unique identity and our outer layers speak for us to strangers.

This year I am going to make it much easier for you to stay in tuned with the world of fashion. By doing so you won’t just want to follow the latest trends only during NYFW, but forever to follow! Think about it this way, during some point in almost every hour during the day, we are on our cellphones using some form of social media- whether that means visiting twitter and looking at the various hashtags, or spending countless minutes exploring the popular page of Instagram.

#1 Follow @NYFW on Snapchat

For all you Snapchat junkies who are sending selfies with various filters all day- this one will keep you interested in not only your friends- but the world of fashion, too. The NYFW handle snaps a live-stream of every single show on their track list filming back stage and audience view perspectives of the show.


#2 Visit www.vogue.com

If you’re one of those fashionista’s who is working or in class during the afternoon shows of NYFW, then visiting vogue.com when you’re laying in bed after a long day is perfect for you. Not only does Vogue offer a replay of each fashion show in it’s entirety, but also a gallery of images displaying each outfit walked on the runway so the audience can see a still image of the designs in their entirety and beauty.

#3 Search #NYFW16 on Twitter and Instagram

If you’re the type to be more interested in the venues and entertainment aspect of Fashion Week then searching the hashtag NYFW16 will give you the perfect little fix of style and amusement. The Twitter world is great for seeing a play-by-play of the in’s and outs of Fashion Week. People are constantly chatting about the sets, venues, and after parties for these events.

#4 Explore the mbfashionweek.com website

Mercedes- Benz Fashion Week- the host of the entire show will give you the details of each show and the global trends and fashion weeks all over. What’s not to love?

#5 Last but certainly not least: Download the NYFW app!

This fashion week the social world as made it easier than ever to see anything and everything fashion week! Just head to the app store for your local carrier and download the New York Fashion Week app. Coming from someone who has it, it is a breeze to navigate and gives you the option to send push notifications so you don’t miss a beat this season!

If the above outlets have not given you any and every reason to allow your mind to explore the amazing wonders of this year’s New York Fashion Week, then we may have a few problems! NYFW is more than a show, it is a movement and everyone should be graced with its culture and fulfillment, whether fashion is your best friend or worst enemy- I promise you will learn a thing or two about street style, upcoming trends, and the newest designer collections this season if you give it a shot!



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