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How to Go From 0 to 13.1

Have you ever been interested in running a half marathon?

What’s the meaning behind those 13.1 bumper stickers? Is running meant for everyone? How do people run for hours on end without getting bored?

Have any of these questions ever wandered through your mind? They definitely have for me! This past December my best friend asked me to sign up for a half marathon with her, and I said YES.

I didn’t have any long distance running experience. The longest distance I had ran before was roughly 3 to 3.5 miles. People always ask me how to get into running, and I tell them:

  1. Grab a motivated friend

  2. Buy a new pair of running shoes

  3. Sign up

  4. Give yourself 14 weeks to train and mentally prepare

Signing up, and paying for something will hold you accountable. Put the date on your calendar and make sure that your have 14 weeks leading up to race day. Crisp, new running shoes are bound to get you in the mood to start moving. And if not, at least you will have a motivated friend to help you start somewhere.

There are TONS of 14-week half running plans online. Just search them, and dozens will pop up. They don’t vary too much, so find one that you like and stick with it. Grab your planner and a pen, and start writing down your schedule. Once the schedule is engraved into your planner, you know you won’t be able to give up.

Some people love to run long distance without earbuds, and let their minds run free. However, other people, like me, depend on earbuds to get through a long run. Experiment with both styles and see what you like. A good thing about running with a buddy is that you can have deep conversations while on your run.

Saturday mornings are going to become your worst and best friend. These are typically when your long runs take place, and man are they long. If you stick to your schedule, and keep a good attitude, you will see results and an overall improved endurance. And wow, is this a game changer.

I learned a ton about myself on my long runs, and you will too. Running can be for everyone and you will be amazed with how your body changes. You will suddenly want to start eating healthier foods and always carry a water bottle by your side.

I highly recommend embarking on this journey with a friend. The moral support is key and your pride for each other will be amazing.

Now research half marathons coming to your town, do some shoe shopping, recruit an interested friend, and get going!






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Emma Komrska


I am currently a Junior at the University of Cincinnati. In my free time, I love to explore new kinds of workouts, check out the latest trending shows on Netflix, & meet empowering women on/off campus. If you have any questions for me I would love to answer them at [email protected] ENJF // "love does does not keep a record of wrongs"
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