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How to Best Utilize Your Reading Days

“Reading days? Wait, we just have to read?” Not quite. ‘Reading days’ here at UC is basically our fall break. The break runs from October 15 and we reconvene the following Monday, the 19. Teachers aren’t supposed to hold class and no tests or exams are to be given those days. Don’t worry, there is no actual reading involved in this break (unless, of course, you choose to). Not sure how to spend this glorious time off? Here’s a few ways to best utilize your reading days:

1. Travel! To me, this sounds like a winner already. You get two completely random days off of school; take time off of work and go somewhere cool. As long as you do your research, the trip could stay affordable and it would be totally worth it.

2. Explore Cincinnati. Our city has a wonderful website titled 365 Cincinnati that gives you so many options. There are parks you could explore, places to eat, museums (although this might go against our whole ‘not reading’ point). As a native Cincinnatian, I would suggest Ault Park or Sharon Woods, both are absolutely gorgeous this time of year. Basically, there is an endless amount of opportunities in Cincinnati and our fall break is the perfect time to go exploring!

3. Catch up. Catch up on sleep and catch up with friends or with family. You are given the gift of time, might as well use it to catch up from the craziness of the first half of the semester. Even if you spend your break on the couch, at least you’ll be well rested when school starts up.

4.  Netflix binge. Yes, this is related to the “catch up” point, but it is so important that it deserves its own point. Take this time to either re-watch Grey’s Anatomy or see how many medical documentaries you can cram into your Thursday night.

5. (Don’t hate me) Do homework. Uh oh. In reality, this works the same way as catching up with sleep although it’s way less enjoyable. Sometimes it is really good to have those couple of extra days to catch up on assignments you are way behind on. I definitely wouldn’t suggest doing absolutely no homework; at least stick an assignment in there somewhere. You have 96 hours to play with!

This is definitely not an exhaustive list, but it does hopefully spark some motivation inside you to spend your reading days well. Have other great reading day adventure ideas? Tweet them at us @HCCincinnati and we’ll share them with our followers!

Happy “Reading”!

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Julia Saxton


Julia is a senior at the University of Cincinnati and studies communication, psychology, and sociology. She has a passion for writing and is very excited to be a part of the Her Campus Cincinnati chapter! Other than Her Campus, Julia is also inolved with the UC Career Development Center and works at a YMCA as a swim coach. 
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