Here's What Happened on the First Episode of Netflix's "Locke & Key"


Spoiler alert! Post contains spoilers for episode one of Locke & Key on Netflix.

I started watching Locke & Key on Netflix last week, long story short I am hooked. Since I didn’t know that much about it going into it, I thought I’d research it some!

Locke & Key is based on the graphic novel of the same name, written by Joe Hill and illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez. It’s a “supernatural horror drama,” according to the Wikipedia article and the first season was released on February 7th, 2020. Netflix has renewed Locke & Key for a second season.

The show follows the Locke family, who moves to Massachusetts from Seattle in the first episode, into the Locke house. It’s a big, old house and hasn’t been cared for very well by the other members of the family.

Bode, the youngest son, is exploring the house while his siblings are at school and his mother is working. He finds an old, unused well house on the Locke family property, and decides to take a Polaroid photo of the inside of the well.

And then the photograph falls down the well. Setting off the spooky events for the series.

When he turns around to leave, he notices that the photograph has reappeared on the edge, and since Bode thinks someone is there, he calls out ‘hello’ a few times.

The well answers him back, and is referred to throughout the first episode as Echo. Echo tells Bode that there are keys in the house, magical keys, that open doors to different places.

One of them is the Anywhere Key, and it just so happens to be in Bode sister’s bracelet, which was given to her by their father. 

So, Bode takes the key and tries it out. He goes over to Kinsey’s (his sister) closet and decides that he wants to go to the ice cream shop that the family visited on their first day in town.

When he opens the door, the entrance to the ice cream shop is on the other side.

But, when he tells Kinsey about it, she asks him to take her to the Eiffel Tower. It doesn’t work, and Kinsey doesn’t believe him. Echo later reveals to him that the Anywhere Key will only work with a place that has doors.

Later on, Bode finds another key, and when he puts it into the lock, it turns the mirror in the door into this jelly-like substance that he sticks his hand through.

Bode calls out for his mom, who walks through the door only to be faced with a ton of mirrors. Bode and Kinsey send their older brother, Tyler, in to save their mom.

When their mom comes back out, she doesn’t remember anything that happens.

One thing I like about this show is the way all of the plots are woven together. It’s kept me on my toes, and though I’ve only seen the first episode, I’m interested to see where it’s going to go.