The Girl on Tour: Lauren Higginbotham

When it comes to campus involvement, Lauren has her hand in a little bit of everything. From sorority life to working out and more, she in fully involved on the University of Cincinnati campus and loves every minute.

Name: Lauren Higginbotham

Major: 1st major- English Literary & Cultural Studies

            2nd major - Political Science

Campus Involvments: Phi Mu, ROAR, Amnesty International and CHAARG

Fun Fact: I am fluent in American Sign Language

Her Campus Cincinnati: Lauren thanks for hanging with us today! So for those who don't know ROAR is the group on UC that gives tours to potential students, what made you want to get involved?

Lauren Higginbotham: I wanted to be a ROAR Tour Guide because I had an amazing tour when I first came to UC, and that's what really sold me on the University. I wanted to be able to share my love of UC with potential students, and help them find the place that would love to go to school, as much as I love going to UC.

HCUC: So to be a tour guide you must know a lot of facts about our university, what is something that students may not know about our campus?

LH: The designer of the Golden Gate Bridge was a UC alumnus and he placed a brick from the original McMicken Hall in the bridge's foundation.


HCUC: I didn’t know that so thanks for teaching me something today! It’s cool to see the love ROAR guides have for the university. What’s a memory you love from your time at UC so far?

LH: My favorite memory from UC so far has been my Honors Seminar to Paris, France. Through the University Honors Program, I had the amazing opportunity to go to Paris for Spring Break in 2015. This was my first time being out of the country, and I loved the experience of visiting and immersing myself in a new culture. The trip itself was incredible, but the best part was the people I went with. I met some of my best friends through this class, and I could not have asked for a better group to study abroad with!


HCUC: That sounds like an amazing time! Did you try any different foods while you were there, they’re a fan of snails in France correct?

LH: I personally did not try any snails while I was there, but I did try Foie Gras, which is duck liver. It was a terrible experience, and I definitely do not recommend it!


HCUC: Yeah, I was not thinking about it before and will now take your word for it. Besides that though, sounds like a great experience. As someone who has done this much and is involved in different areas across campus, what advice would you give to incoming freshman and even college students in general?

LH: My advice for anyone would just be to get out there and get involved! It never hurts to join an organization or apply for something, and that's truly how I've met my closest friends on campus. Being involved creates positive experiences, and makes campus life much more social.


HCUC: I most definitely agree, thanks for talking with us today Lauren!

LH: Thank you!