To the Girl that Feels Too Much....

This goes out to all the girls that wear their hearts on their sleeve and find themselves way too emotionally invested in every friendship, T.V. show phenomenon and relationship. We’re called emotional, dramatic and sometimes over the top when in reality we’re none of these things. Words don’t define us, emotions do though. For the outsider looking in maybe it does seem like these words illustrate us, but we’re so much more. We’re the type of girls that cynical people can’t stand and realistics try to avoid.

Instead of calling us negative connotations of what you see, call us for what we are, naive. We imagine this world, one with the perfect prince and the most perfect friends. This world that our parents have painted in our heads for the entirety of our lives. We girls, the ones who feel too much, know that the world is not perfect. We get it, but we have so much confidence in the mojo that life spits out so we’re not worried. We are promised things, maybe by boyfriends, best friends and family and just for some odd reason we expect them to follow through. How crazy of us, right?

We are way too invested in our T.V. characters and when a split happens, it leaves us talking about it to anyone, friend or not (just that one who will listen). I know for my friends and me, we're obsessed with MTV’s Awkward. We’re all just waiting for the day that Matty and Jenna get back together.

I know that the one quality I truly find myself scavenging for in a friend is loyalty. There’s a lot of girls out there that try to compete with one another and gossip, but there's also girls out there that are willing to be your ride or die. Me personally, I expect to be able to come to my friends about anything and vice versa. So when I feel betrayed or taken advantage by a friend I’m left emotionally devastated.

As in the words of Taylor Swift, “boys only want love when it’s torture.” This couldn’t be anything closer to the truth. I know, from personal experience, they will promise you the world and everything in it. You fall in love with their words and over time see that they’re committed to you and the relationship you two are building together..... until one day it’s completely taken away in a matter of minutes.

There are some girls that are able to see past the lies and the deceit and move on, but then there’s girls like us, the naive ones, who can’t. It’s not that we expected to get married one day or live happily ever after but we did want the guy to carry out his promises. I feel like you shouldn’t say words you don’t mean. Don’t make promises when you’re happy if you can’t live up to them when you’re not. It’s not the break up that kills us; it’s the fact that your assumptions and clarity of this person is now fuzzy. They shake your world up and leave you wondering if there’s still good in the world, if there’s still people out there that are like you; willing to love with no limit and care for anyone in need.

Well, ladies, I’m here to tell you there are. Don't let a falling out with a friend make you cynical. There are girls out there that still value girl code. I have met one of the most fabulous girls my very first day of classes here at UC and we have been inseparable ever since. Don't let a heartbreak keep you from finding the love of your life. I can promise you that if the stupid guy who left a girl like you, one who loves wholeheartedly even when they’re quiet, isn't worth your time anyways. Please realize there’s nothing wrong with you. In actuality, you have an advantage in life. You’re so open and in love with the world that anything is possible. Life was meant to be felt to the extreme. I promise.