This Garnier Product Will Make You Feel Beautiful Inside and Out!

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.


I am an avid believer in skin care. 


I absolutely can not go to bed at night until I have at least removed my makeup. Most nights though my skincare routine involves makeup remover, facial cleaner, toner, moisturizer and serum. (Yes, in that order, too!)


Something I tend to struggle with though is choosing a good facial cleanser. A problem I encounter a lot is that the product will either: 

  1. Dry my skin out horribly. 

  2. Leave behind a lot of makeup/dirt residue. 

  3. Irritate my skin.


Enter Garnier Micellar Foaming Gel Cleanser.


This facial wash changed my life. (Not even kidding!)


First of all, let’s take a peek at the packaging. I’m not one for aesthetics within my products but I can’t help but love the design of this one! 


It’s an adorable pink themed tube and you squirt the product out versus pumping it out. I personally prefer to do this as it let’s you control how much product gets used! 


Also, not to mention the smell! If you’re not a fan of scented products then maybe this isn’t for you. However, I adored the light, clean scent of the product. It has a very fresh smell. 


The product goes on a gel and, as you wash it into your skin, it begins to foam! Foaming cleansers, to me, make your skin feel cleaner. It’s like you actually see the bubbles form and wipe away the grime of the day! 


What really drew me in to this product though was the results: I saw a noticeable difference in how often I was getting acne and also in the texture of my skin. While I don’t necessarily have bad skin, I do suffer from patchiness and bigger pores. 


Something I saw this product do was even out my skin and minimize pores. My guess is that this comes from the fruit water in the ingredients. 


Fruit water, if you didn’t know, will help in toning your pores and offering you a brighter more even complexion. 


If you are looking for a new product to up your skin care game this fall, be sure to check out the Garnier Micellar Foaming Gel Cleaner! It will help you and your skin feel beautiful!