Four BIG Reasons Mr. Big is THE ONE

Alright all you non-believers and Aidan-lovers, I’m here to convince you that Mr. Big is in fact the one for Carrie, and not Aidan. The Aidan vs. Big argument has been the argument of the century and I’m here to settle it. Face it, Aidan is just a turquoise-jewelry wearing, self-interested, patronizing jerk. Mr. Big may not have always been perfect during the show (or the movies), but he always comes through.  


1. Big is classy, timeless, and sophisticated 

Big loves Jazz, neat scotch, and is almost never seen not wearing a suit. He is the ultimate sexy man (please refer to Big in season 1) and knows what he wants. He won’t wait too long to call if he likes you and won’t say “I don’t care” when being asked where to go for dinner. I mean, just look at him.   

 2. Big accepts and loves Carrie for who she is, and doesn’t try to change her 

Big loves that Carrie loves expensive shoes, high fashion, New York City, etc. He’s right there with her. Aidan always tried to make Carrie into some barefoot, prairie woman she would never be and scolded her for everything she loved. Carrie loves her Manolos and Big loves her for it.  


3. He’s the perfect amount of romantic 

Big is an incredibly charming man and knows how to woo a woman without coming across as cheesy or needy. He has a ~big~ heart and truly does care about Carrie, just in a non-obvious way sometimes. You would never have to ask him to give you space, which isn’t that what all of us independent women want?   

4. The Proposal 

And FINALLY, the perfect proposal for Carrie. At first it was simply just two adults agreeing to be married, but we all knew that wasn’t enough. No matter how old you get you still yearn for romance. The second time around proposal couldn’t have been more perfect. Big, handsome as ever, standing in their luxury closet he built for them with a pair of incredible Manolo Blahniks. What a better way to propose to THE Carrie Bradshaw without a perfect pair of Manolos?  


Well there you have it Sex and the City savants. Big may have had his flaws throughout the show, but what man doesn’t? He eventually grew out of his emotionally unavailable phase and was there for Carrie. Say what you will, but Mr. Big is the only man for Ms. Carrie Bradshaw.