Everything You Missed During The Season Premiere of Jane The Virgin

The fifth (and final) season of Jane the Virgin premiered last week, and a lot happened!

It had been almost a year since the season four finale, and wow, what a cliffhanger-packed episode that was! From JR leaving Petra and then coming back to Michael coming back from the dead after four years, it’s safe to say there were plenty of questions for the next episode.

Season five picked up immediately where season four left off: Jane had gone over to Rafael’s because she thought that he was going to propose. They were going to move in together, and then it turned out that Michael is alive! There is a flashback of Jane, Mateo, and her family celebrating every Day of the Dead that Michael was gone for, showing how Jane slowly began to get better as the years went on.

Well, Michael is back but he’s . . . not Michael. He’s Jason. He looks like Michael and sounds like Michael, but he has amnesia. Rose (aka Sin Rostro) used electro-shock therapy and faked Michael’s death, so he’s really been alive this whole time.

Jason seems to be the complete opposite of Michael: he’s not a cat person (which Michael was); he doesn’t think that he would’ve ever taken the LSAT (which Michael did); and what is probably the saddest of all, he doesn’t seem to be liking Jane very well.

This is all very confusing for Jane, who wants to be with Rafael but probably feels obligated to be with Michael/Jason because, as we found out in the second episode, the two are technically still married.

There is #TeamMichael and #TeamRafael, as there always has been, and it’s as confusing as ever. Michael obviously isn’t himself anymore, but Jane will have to get to know Jason, if she chooses. And Rafael is still Rafael as always, but now there’s this very big bridge in-between him and Jane. They are both hiding their feelings from each other, not saying things that they want to be saying.

The whole premiere was very sad, but what was also very sad was when Rogelio saw Michael/Jason for the first time. Rogelio expected him to remember right away, and when that didn’t happen, he was obviously heartbroken.

Every time that Michael/Jason called Jane or anyone in her family “ma’am,” it was really sad. Michael would have known and been very kind and nice to them, whereas Jason, who didn’t know them, was very cool and unsure of himself.

Jane tries to help him remember, but he doesn’t want to as he feels slightly uncomfortable around her.

In terms of Petra and JR, well, with JR still not being able to trust Petra, it’s unclear where their relationship will be headed in future episodes. Petra has told JR that she’s in love with her and they were about to move in together when everything happened.

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