Elysse Winget; Changing UC one step at a time

“Some women choose to follow men, and some women choose to follow their dreams.” Elysse Winget definitely falls under the latter category-following her dreams one foot after another. Meet the young lady who has made it her top priority to ensure that she is making a positive impact not only on UC’s campus, but also on UC’s students.

Name: Elysse Winget

Age: 21 Year: Third

Major: Creative Writing Major w/ Minor in Communications

Hometown: Mariemont, Ohio Involvement: SACUB (Communications Director), Student Government (At-Large Senator), Governmental Affairs Committee (Chair).

Favorite memory: My favorite memory is going to the first football game this year when Nippert reopened.

Why are you passionate about the activities you’re involved in?

SACUB- I like to see where the general fee is going. Our students pay a fortune to be here, and for good reason. We go to the Hottest College in America, and I like to be part of seeing where those fees are allocated.

Student Government- I enjoy representing the student body. I think it's important to represent every student, considering only a select few are in the room making decisions for the rest of the population. I enjoy bringing to light different issues and working to better the university.

Governmental Affairs- We bring resolution bills to Senate that support house bills at a state level, and I enjoy learning about how our state and national government affect us at a university level. I also enjoy planning the annual leadership summit that will take place at the end of March.

Why did you choose UC? I came to UC because I was a third generation at UC and I was accepted into the honors program which gave me the best opportunities.