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Don’t Know What to Watch on Netflix? Check Out These Titles!



Whether it’s for a date night, alone time, or entertainment, Netflix is a big part of many people’s itineraries. While you may have already binged the most popular shows, there are still many on the website you need to watch. Here are five shows that will make you fall in love with their characters, stories, and so much more!

On My Block

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We all know the struggle of starting a new life freshman year of high school. However, the young teens in On my Block have it rough. With gangs, romance, and family issues, a group of friends struggle to stay together. The show is funny, dramatic, and relatable. It is also worth mentioning that heartthrob Diego Tinoco stars in it. The show targets a broad range of audiences, so even though the setting is in high school, it is definitely worth watching as a college student and older.



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We all have heard of the talented singer Amy Winehouse. She is known for her hit songs such as “Back to Black” and “Valerie.” But, do you really know her? Amy covers her life from her childhood to her sudden death. The documentary shows an insight on her struggles with addiction, romance, and her private life. After watching, you will definitely see Amy Winehouse for more than her talented voice and dramatic eyeliner.



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While it got backlash from the media for its controversial themes, Insatiable is still running as a popular drama TV series on Netflix. The show covers issues such as body image, sexuality, high school drama, and competition. Beauty pageant contestant Patty Bladell rises to the top as these issues come to bring her down. The show is worth watching at any age and any gender for its comedy and intense drama. As season 1 was left as a cliffhanger, the show is set to continue filming.



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Room takes place in a setting fitting with the title – a shed with one single room. A woman named Joy was taken into captivity by a sadistic criminal and gave birth to a son, Jack. The son was raised in the room and has never seen anything else. With only a small TV and his childish imagination, Jack is forced to experience the outside world with only his mind while his mother plans their escape. While this show is not for the weak hearted as it is disturbing, the show gives an insight of the horrors that can happen to women. As someone who usually hates thrillers, I believe this heavily awarded show is 


Dead to Me

We all have secrets, but have you ever kept the biggest secret of your life from your best friend? Dead to Me explores a woman’s struggle between keeping her friendship or exposing the truth about herself. This dark comedy will make you question – and test – the strength of a friendship and pull you into the lives of many heartwarming characters. 

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