December Music

There are plenty of new music that has recently came out and will be releasing throughout the month of December. We are pumped for it here at HC Cincy and want to let you all in too!


The Weekend - Starboy

This album recently came out and let’s just admit right off the bat that it is amazing. One of our favorites is Stargirl Interlude, though its short its been stuck in our heads since we heard it!


Awaken, My Life - Childish Gambino

This album just came out and people are seeming to either love it or hate it. Our vote? Love, it’s cool to hear something new from Gambino. One of our favorites is Stand Tall


Albums on our list to listen to next: W:/2016ALBUM/ by deadmau5, DARKNESS AND LIGHT by John Legend and The Hamilton Mixtape


Albums to come this month: Kid Cudi, J Cole, Drake & More!