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Cullen Lewis: The Music Man


Name: Cullen Lewis

Hometown: Villa Hills, Kentucky

Year: Freshman

Major: Marketing

Relationship Status: Single!

Likes: Music, soccer, learning languages, playing the guitar and drums

Dislikes: Cynics, Indian food, the Cloyd Rivers Twitter account, Matchbox Twenty

Her Campus Cincinnati: Why did you come to UC?

Cullen Lewis: My dad went to UC, so we used to go to games when I was younger. I always loved the campus and ever since I was like six I kept telling myself “I wanna go here.” That idea just stuck. I’m happy with my decision.

HCC: Can you talk about Bearcast Media?

CL: Bearcast Media is a club that covers the media aspect of campus. We’re actually looking at starting a TV station soon. I chose Bearcast for the music aspect of it. We work with covering local music festivals, which is really cool. I’m really glad I joined, and highly suggest coming. Meetings are every Thursday from 6:30-7. There’s free pizza.

HCC: How did you get started with your radio show, Sounds From Siddall?

CL: That’s kind of the question that everybody’s been asking me. They really want to start a radio show but they think it’s some crazy hard application process. Literally I just walked up to Andrew Howsmon, who’s in charge of the radio department, and was like “Hey, I want my own show, is that cool?” And he was like “Yeah, just send me an application,” which was what your show’s going to be, what kind of music you want to play, and why you want the show. That was pretty much it, and he [Andrew] was like “Okay you can start next week.”

HCC: Favorite spot on campus?

CL: Floor 11 of Siddall

HCC: Favorite food in Clifton?

CL: Tiger Dumplings

HCC: What are some of your favorite records?

CL: Okay, I’m gonna have to do my top three. Number three is a tie between Tourist History by Two Door Cinema Club and Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix by Phoenix. Two is Is This It by The Strokes, and one is Yankee Hotel Foxtrot by Wilco–the best album I think to have been put out in the past 30 years. I’m going to have to say my favorite album of 2015 is Currents by Tame Impala.

HCC: Best concert you’ve ever been to?

CL: Tame Impala at Bunbury. They didn’t even play for more than 30 minutes. The show got shortened because it was storming like crazy. But from the first note that hit, I was just enthralled. It just got better once the storm started building and there were like 30 mph winds and lightning in the background. They had to cover their instruments and nail them down because they were being blown offstage. Each instrument started to go out because of the rain, so eventually it got down to just Kevin [Parker] the lead singer and his guitar, but it was still so cool. I was trying to be mad, but for the 30 minutes that they played it was just too good. Now my goal is to see them live for a full set.

To keep up with Cullen, follow him on Twitter and check the Bearcast Media website for updates on the radio schedule! He’ll soon be joining Josh Stevenson and Caroline Beller for Indie Moment every week, so keep and eye–or ear–out!

Morgan is a third-year student at the University of Cincinnati studying Magazine Journalism. She's a big, big fan of paper-in-your-hand print publications and wishes AP style allowed the oxford comma. 
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