The Control of Children's Films

Who doesn’t love a film or TV series that supports their race?! Not only is their race supported and broadcasted, but they also are the ones behind the scenes. They actually understand and get their intended audiences. Without a personal understanding, it is easier for the viewer to lose interest in whatever he or she is watching. The media is magical when we’re able to control what goes into it and actual relate.

Nowadays, children are the most influential minds and the importance of diverse roles in different movie platforms is something that can help begin to shape their image that they have of the world. Families are not the only teachers and in fact, the media has a larger impact on children because it is what they see, versus what they are told. With Disney movies such as Mulan, Princess and the Frog, and the recently announced upcoming Latina princess, they serve as a great diversity platform that can help with the foundation of teaching. The language is different and shows children the foundation of diversity. The films are also relatable to the children that identify with those minority races that are showcased. This again goes back to relating to those audience viewers that share the same identity. Not to say that this is the only factor taken into consideration, but it exposes and influences children viewers.

The location that is exhibited throughout the films are also an extraordinary piece of the puzzle. It may not be as easy as to identify for children, but they’re gaining exposure to culture and location without even being aware. It sticks believe it or not. 

Currently, Disney is searching for an Asian cast and main character for a remake of Mulan. They’re identifying with one of the minority races, which in this case is Chinese. The global search is going to take some time, but the highly anticipated film is predicted to be released in theatres during the year of 2018.