Coloring in Kendall, the Wright Way

Daaaaaamn Dejah! Back at it again with the phenomenal women here at the University of Cincinnati! Meet Kendall Wright, she’s finishing up her third year strong with a major in Health Promotion with a focus in exercise and fitness, and I know she’s keeping fit simply with her nonstop activeness on campus. Kendall mentioned while interviewing her, “Initially upon coming to college, I knew that I wanted it to be different than high school, where I was not involved at all.” You’ll soon be enlightened on just how much Kendall has truly begun coloring in those grey areas of herself with color. She has gone from shades of grey, to adding lively colors of beauty, growth and wisdom. Creating and promoting a healthier image, not only through her education but through the Wright way.

Kendall is active on the University Funding Board(UFB) for the University of Cincinnati, Dean of Students Advisory Council, serves as treasurer for the Minority Association of Future Educators, BASE mentor and is an intern in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. As if this already was not a full time job outside of being a student, she also is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority (AKA), Incorporated where she serves as the membership chair, treasurer, and ASCEND chair. Not only that, but she too is the Vice President of the National PanHellenic Council. Though this can be a lot, having such a large agenda didn’t intimidate Ms. Wright, she recently was elected as the membership chair for Sigma Phi women’s honorary and I’m sure she doesn’t plan to stop here! This surely would call for an outcry, Kim K. style if you ask me, but it seems that she definitely has it all in the bag!


I asked Kendall “Is there anything you hope to be apart of but can’t because of the time commitment?” seeing as how she currently is giving her all. She explained how she has a problem saying “no” and struggles the most when she is interested but has to remember not to overwhelm herself, keeping in mind that her final year of undergraduate studies is next year. Kendall shared how she has recently found a strong passion for higher education, after discovering the existence of a student organization here at UC named “Aspiring Student Affairs Professionals. “I really want to join because they do such great work!” but then has to go back to the initial goal of not overwhelming herself during her upcoming final year.

After learning Kendall Wright’s participation on campus, I wondered what motivated her to become so active and that is when she gave credit to her student orientation leader or as we know it as SOL for informing her about the African American Cultural Resource Center (AACRC), the first place she visited once she was moved in her Freshman year. She was surrounded by great leaders on campus, which she learned had come from the AACRC and that is when she knew she was exactly were she needed to begin her college journey.

“I knew I had big dreams even though I didn’t always know exactly what career path I wanted to take.” Kendall indicated as she elaborated on her further aspirations in life.  Immediately after graduation, she hopes to obtain her Master’s degree in Higher Education or Educational Leadership. She is not sure of her exact plan, but knows that God has everything mapped out for her, involving enjoyment and the bettering of others’ lives. As we are coming to the end of learning about how Kendall is traveling the Wright way at the University of Cincinnati, she has left some advice for incoming UC students, hoping to make a difference not only here but also elsewhere. “I would like to remind you that this is your University! I was that student that had to force myself to go beyond my comfort zone and now, I have never felt more at home than I do here at the University of Cincinnati. Stepping outside of your comfort zone will take you places you’ve never imagined going!”