Cold Season Beauty Hacks

Do you constantly feel like the winter season gets the best of your looks and skin? Well, you're in luck! I put together some beauty hacks that will make the cold season not seem so bad.

1.     Translucent Powder as a setting tool

Translucent Powder is perfect to keep your lipstick from smudging and your foundation from running off your face. When you are using with lipstick start with a Vaseline or Coconut Oil base, then apply your lipstick, translucent powder and then another layer of lipstick to keep your lips moist and your lipstick in place.

2.     Liquid Foundation Vs. Powder

During these cold, dry months is when our skin dries out the most. To keep your skin from flaking, try using liquid foundation instead of powder! Also when setting your make up focus more on your t-zone than your entire face.

3.     Hairspray to strengthen your tights

To keep your stockings and tights from snagging, try spraying them with with a few thin layers of hairspray. The hairspray strengthens the fibers in your stockings and prevents them from snagging.

4.     Chap Stick Vs. Vaseline or Coconut Oil*

Your lips are the first thing to dry out during the cold months. Instead of using Chap Stick, which has proven to actually dry them out more, use Vaseline or Coconut Oil. Vaseline and Coconut Oil keeps  your lips from drying out and is a nice barrier that shields cold blisters from appearing.

5.     Natural Sunlight Vs. Artificial Light

 For a more natural look, with maximum coverage try doing your make up in the sunlight. Artificial light can often cause you to cake on more makeup than you really need.

6.     Face Scrub

To prevent dry skin it is important to exfoliate your skin, to wash away dead skin cells. Here's a quick recipe to make your own face &body scrub: just mix brown sugar and coconut oil* together. This double as an exfoliate and moisturizer!

7.     Use Coconut oil*

As I mentioned above Coconut Oil works well as an alternative to chap stick as well as it makes a good face & body scrub. However, Coconut Oil is also an amazing alternative for: lotion, face moisturizer, hair serum, shaving cream, and make up remover. In the long run using Coconut Oil not only makes your skin and hair more moisturized, it also saves you money because you're not having to buy all the other beauty products.

*If you’re allergic to coconut oil or you just simply don’t like it, try using these alternatives: olive oil, grape seed oil, sunflower oil or rose hip seed oil. However, if using these oils, rather than using Coconut Oil, instead of coconut oil use sparingly because they can cause acne breakouts in acne prone areas