Clean Face Hacks

Everyone has had their face break out every once in a while and others suffer from frequent break outs. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on acne medicine try these clear skin hacks using products you already have at home.

1.     Wash Your Face Twice

a.     Washing your face is important to keep it clean and free of break outs but just washing you face once is only cleaning surface dirty and oil. When washing your face start with warm water and use a scrub (if you have dry or combination skin) or a simple face cleanser (for all types even oily). Rinse with warm water and wash with just a simple face wash or cleanser and rinse with cool water. Washing your face with warm water opens your pores and rinsing with warm water closes them.

2.     Moisturize After Washing

a.     Especially if you have dry or combination skin it’s important to make sure your skin is clean and moisturize properly. If after washing your face, your face feels tight this is a sign to moisturize.

3.     Change Your Pillowcase

a.     To keep your face clean its important to make sure the surface your face rest on is clean to. Switching pillowcases often keeps old oil and dirty from being reapplied to your face.

4.     Use Alcohol Wipes

a.     This is a tip for those with oily skin. Acne usually occurs on your face is areas that are overly moisturize using an alcohol wipe not only cleans up the extra oil on your face but it also dries out the acne and pimples that thrive on oil.

5.     Don’t Pop Your Pimples, Dry Them Out

a.     The first thing you want to do when you get a pimple is pop it. DON’T. popping a pimple can cause other pimples to form as well as scaring from the popped pimple. Instead cover the pimple in white toothpaste or clean it with alcohol wipes and apply toothpaste after before bed, when you wake up in the morning the pimple will be smaller or gone. Repeat until it disappears and remember in the morning to wash off the toothpaste

6.     Wash Your Face After You Remove Your Make-Up

a.     Even though you’ve removed your make-up there is still left over make up left on the surface. Wash your face using tip 1 and remember to moisturize after.

7.     Don’t Wear Make-Up in Shower or to the Gym

a.     Showering in full make up or going to the gym can cause your make up to seep into your pores which is one of the causes for acne. Before you shower make sure you at least remove your makeup using a make up wipe. As for the gym wash your face using Tip 1 and wash your face after you work out.

8.     Wash Your Face After You Shower

a.     Product from your hair can drip onto your face and clog your pores after you shower wash your face like in tip 1.


9.     Use Cruelty Free Products

a.     Cruelty free make-up and face wash is proven to be better for your skin. They use organic or natural ingredients that help treat and prevent future breakouts

10.  Eat Healthy and Work Out Regularly

a.     Eating healthier food and workout can improve your face and help prevent future breakouts

11.  Regularly Clean Your Make-Up Brushes

a.     Doing your make up with clean make up brushes keeps old make-up, oil and dirt from being smeared back on your face gain.

12.  Using A Separate Towel

a.     The only thing you want to touch your face are things that are clean and unused. Using a clean towel to dry your face can keep old dirty from being put back on your face. And remember pat dry don’t wipe