Cincy Spot: Bogart's

Short Vine is an incredible street in Clifton. There are different restaurants, bars, and venues. There is so much to do on the street but one of the greatest places is Bogart’s. Bogart’s is a concert venue located on Short Vine. 

It opened in 1905, closed in 1955. It closed because of the competition from television. It reopened in 1960 and showed primarily German films. Since 1980, it has been a concert venue but, in the past it had themed-party nights and had a variety of comedians perform there.  

Bogart’s has a variety of performers there. Performances have ranged from locally known acts to performers who would soon become nationally known. Ingrid Michaelson performed there recently but the night before Motherfolk performed. Jimmy Eat World is performing there later this month. John Legend had a Hillary for Ohio concert there as well. Bogart’s brings in an audience that could range from the local college aged music lover to some middle aged parents having a date night! 

Bogart’s also used to host Crossroads church there before the new church was renovated. This allowed for college students to gather together and spend their Sunday night at a church close to campus.  

See what shows are coming up at Bogart's and see what the hype is all about!