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Cincinnati’s Newest Sweetheart: Daphne the Manatee

Step over Fiona, the Cincinnati Zoo has a new sweetheart in town. Daphne is a one-year-old manatee that was rescued, as an orphan from Florida, when her mother was tragically killed in a boating accident. The Cincinnati Zoo decided to take her in, along with three other male orphaned manatees from Florida as well. This is Cincinnati’s Zoo nineteenth manatee they have taken in and rehabilitated. She is 250 pounds of pure joy and if you want to visit her, she will be released to the viewing tank on Thursday, April 26, 2018.Additionally, starting May 1 through May 31, you can visit Cincinnati zoo babies! Don’t forget to check out Fiona the Hippo and Kendi the Rhino, along with all the other adorable new additions to the Cincinnati Zoo.

Make sure to follow the Cincinnati Zoo on their social media for more updates on Daphne and her manatee friends.




All photos taken from @cincinnatizoo Instagram.

Caroline Currie

Cincinnati '19

Caroline Currie is a fourth-year student at the University of Cincinnati working towards a Liberal Arts degree in Anthropology, Electronic Media, and Professional Writing. When she’s not watching hours of cuddly cow videos, she’s eating pints of vegan ice cream and reading piles of nonfiction psychology books. She has a passion for uplifting and empowering women on campus by sharing their stories for others to learn from or be inspired by! 
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