Chill Songs for the Cold Weather



As fall is in full swing and winter is sneaking in, this playlist of chill songs is just what you need for the season!

1.) Are You There by Aofie O’Donovan 

This song is featured on the soundtrack of the 2018 film What They Had, and this incredible acoustic track fills all your relaxing autumn needs.


2.) In Between Plans by Your Smith 

This song was released as a single and featured on Your Smith’s 2019 EP "Wild Wild Woman". This catchy track makes you feel like the star of a music video.


3.) Easier Said by Sunflower Bean

 This indie anthem is featured on Sunflower Bean’s debut 2016 album "Human Ceremony", and it’s perfect for the fall season.


4.) Non-Verbal Communication

\ by Tom Rosenthal This delightful song is featured on Rosenthal’s 2015 album "Bolu". I’d also recommend watching the music video for this track. It shows Rosenthal dancing in his backyard with his daughter, and it is too cute.


5.) Settle Down by Varsity 

This slightly more upbeat song is featured on Varsity’s 2018 album "Parallel Person", and it makes you want to dance like nobody’s watching!


6.) Under the Pressure by The War On Drugs 

This alternative ballad is featured on the band’s fourth album "Lost In The Dream" from 2014. This track is has a melancholic yet happy feeling, and it’s great for a cloudy day.


7.) Black Coffee by Kill Bill: The Rapper 

This lo-fi rap track is a little different than the other songs, given its genre. However, this song—featured on Kill Bill’s 2014 debut album "Ramona" —is a fantastic chill song you don’t want to miss.