Bringing The Thanksgiving Spirit Back To UC

Now that Halloween is over and December is approaching it’s that time of the year again to completely look over Thanksgiving.  It seems that people jump straight from Halloween to Christmas without blinking an eye on Thanksgiving.  Now that Black Thursday, I mean Black Friday, starts extremely early and the trees, lights and decorations it’s kind of hard to live in the moment and enjoy Thanksgiving.

Here’s 5 ways you can bring back the Thanksgiving Spirit this year:


  1. A Friendsgiving

How fun is it to have a pot luck and have each friend bring a different dish. You all can get together and have food. What’s better than friends and food?

  1. Have a football themed party

Thanksgiving is practically known as the day of the best games. If you’re not feeling the Thanksgiving jitters invite the guys and girls over to watch the games. Maybe everyone can bring appetizers.

  1. Watch the morning parade

Hello, the parade was the best part as a kid. Remember the good days, do it again and watch the parade.

  1. Have everyone say what they’re thankful for

Everyone write on a piece of paper what or who they’re thankful for and pass it around. Let each person read another person thanks to get them in the mood.

  1. Have a game night

Bring the food and the games. If not feeling the full Thanksgiving spirit than have everyone bring their favorite game and dish. It’s just a great way to spend time together during the holidays.


It really doesn’t matter how you celebrate Thanksgiving, just celebrate it. Remember that there’s always things and people to be thankful for. So eat up, drink down and gather round with the people you love.