Body Positivity on Instagram

Lately, I’ve noticed an Instagram trend I can totally get behind. Ladies everywhere are posting two pictures, side by side, to show that different poses and even different times of day can affect how your body looks. Our bodies are amazing and we should learn to love them all the time (way easier said than done). Here are some amazing #bodyposi Instagram accounts you should check out!

  1. bodyposipanda:

She recently posted a picture of her all done up at a photoshoot side by side with an untouched photo including the caption: “because behind-the-scenes is just as beautiful as the posed, polished, professional shots we see every day!” She posts many of these photos and is a great inspiration for all of us on the journey of self-love.

  1. saggysara:

Sara recently posted this picture showing the effects period bloating can have on our appearance. She says she was sucking in her belly as much as possible in both photos to show just how different it can make your body look! She ends her caption with- “Just know it’s perfectly normal and you are a strong and beautiful person!!” Many ladies I know (myself included) dread the bloating that comes along with this time of the month, but it’s totally normal and shouldn’t make us feel horrible about our bodies!

  1. selfloveliv:

She posted this side by side of what her tummy looks like when posed, wearing leggings next to a picture of her leggings pulled down. She writes in her caption that she often finds herself sucking in her stomach when going out, and trying to hide behind baggy clothing. She ends with the message- “Be who you want to be, wear what you want, love who you want. BE YOU!” This is great advice that I believe everyone should follow.

Now, these are only a few of the hundreds of amazing ladies using their social media platforms to promote body positivity! We should all take a page from their book and start loving our bodies no matter what shape or size we may be.

Here are some more amazing accounts!: