Becoming a Healthier You (even when it seems impossible)

So it’s the end of the school year and you have consumed more Ramen noodles and Easy Mac this year than you have in your entire life, you consider walking across campus your workout, and you decide it’s time for a change!! But how? Here are some tips to help you ease into a healthier lifestyle, right in time for the summer months! 

 1. Drink More Water!! 


It seems like such an obvious tip, but it really makes a huge difference! Drinking water can help control calories when substituted for the sugary drink/ soda you would normally go for. It can also benefit your skin. If you find it hard to remember to drink water, there are many apps you can get to remind you. One that helped me was Water Alert, the app sends reminders at certain points throughout the day, and you can track how much water you are actually drinking. 


2. Working Out (ugh….) 


Whether you have never worked out a day in your life, or going to the gym intimidates you, here are some ideas that might not sound too awful. Go with friends! Going with friends, especially ones with similar health goals as you can be very motivating and is more fun than just going by yourself. You won’t be as embarrassed or intimidated to try different machines and classes if you have a buddy with you. If you hate running or the idea of just hopping on a machine bores you, try some fun classes! Most gyms and rec centers have classes like Zumba, Cardio Dance, and yoga. If you are constantly trying new classes, you will find the ones you like and won’t be completely bored or terrified by the idea of working out. Start slow. Try going a couple times a week at first and work your way up. The more you get used to going the easier it will be. Eventually, it just becomes a part of your weekly routine and might actually become something you look forward to doing.


3. Eating better 


This one can be tricky especially when pizza is so readily available at dining halls, and the easier option can often be grabbing fast food. Replace unhealthy snacks with similar healthy options. Some of my favorite snacks are: Smartfood sea salt popcorn, apples with peanut butter and granola, and almonds. Lightly snacking throughout the day can keep you from overdoing it at lunch and dinner. Portions are very important. Don’t feel like you can’t have pizza ever again because you are trying to be healthier, just eat a couple slices instead of inhaling the whole thing. Don’t forget to treat yo self! Cutting all the “bad” food out of your life is only going to make you crave it more. I tend to indulge more on the weekends, then get back to eating better during the week. It’s all about balance. 

So, whether you are trying to get fit in time for summer, or you are trying to be a healthier version of yourself, I hope these tips can help get you started! You got this!