Anika Hitt: Girl's got Game

Name: Anika Hitt

Hometown: Mequon, Wisconsin

Year: 1st Year

Major: Finance

Organizations involved in: Phi Mu Fraternity, UC Varsity Golf, Cats on Deck


Her Campus University of Cincinnati: What made you decide to go UC?

Anika Hitt: I was initially drawn to UC through the recruiting process for golf. From there I fell in love with the campus and the city of Cincinnati as a whole.


HCUC : You’re a golfer for the UC team, what’s your favorite part about being an athlete at UC?

AH: My favorite part about being in UC athletics is our “One Team” mentality. The athletes at UC are all very supportive of each other. Seeing a team have success motivates every other team to work harder and accomplish more.


HCUC: Who’s your favorite professional player, and have you met them?

AH: My favorite professional player is Rory McIlroy because of his demeanor and work ethic. I have not had the chance to meet him, but I would love to!


HCUC: Do you have any traditions that you do before the game or good luck charms?

AH: Before tournaments I always listen to hip hop or rap music because it helps me stay relaxed and focused.


HCUC: What’s your favorite thing about golf?

AH: My favorite thing about golf is its ability to challenge your mind. Most sports have some mental aspect to them, but golf is said to be 80% mental. On the course you need to analyze every shot and situation you have, which makes the game interesting.


HCUC: So you’re also majoring in Finance, what’s your long-term goal?

AH: My dream job is to work in finance for a professional sports team.


HCUC: Midnight snack choice for late nights?

AH: Pieology or Insomnia Cookies!


HCUC: Favorite spot on Campus to catch a breather from from a busy schedule?

AH: When the weather permits, I enjoy doing homework on the benches next the tennis courts in Varsity Village.


HCUC: When you have some spare time, what do you like to do?

AH: Spare time is very unusual in my schedule, but when I do have free time I like to watch sci-fi or rom-com movies.


HCUC: Would you ever like to play in a professional golf tournament, like the Marathon Classic?

AH: I would love the opportunity to play in a professional golf tournament. Playing in such a tournament means that you have made it to the highest level of competition.


HCUC: What’s your biggest accomplishment related to golf or otherwise?

AH: My biggest accomplishment would probably be shooting 8-under par on a single day of competition.


HCUC: What are some things you want to accomplish before you graduate UC?

AH: As far as golf goes I hope our team can get to the NCAA post-season. It is hard to do so given our extremely competitive conference, so getting there would be a huge accomplishment.

In my academic studies I hope to continue my enrichment in business, including hands-on experiences.

I also hope to make a difference in the Cincinnati community through multiple service projects.


HCUC: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

AH: I climbed up a waterfall in Hawaii!


HCUC: Favorite Quote and why:

AH: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us.” by Marianne Williamson. This is my favorite quote because too often we believe that our anxiety stems from a fear of failure, when in reality we are scared that we might succeed.


HCUC: Best advice to people:

AH: My advice to people is put yourself out there. Don’t be afraid to meet other people, do different things, join many groups and take advantage of the great opportunities this university has to offer.