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Advice For College Girls Who Like College Guys

If college has taught me anything so far, it would be that coffee is best iced and boys are confusing. I have gone through three boyfriends in the course of my first semester in college, weird I know. I definitely am no expert at all, but I have learned a few things.

When it comes to college boys, commitment may not be key for them. As much as the pressure of commitment and a cute relationship hangs over our head, it might not for them. I was obsessed with this guy for such a long time and held high hopes for our “relationship.” It hurt my feelings when he expressed he didn’t want one in return, but I realized he had made it quite clear by his actions and I simply ignored them. So don’t get your hopes up too high unless they express a clear want for a committed relationship.

College is a time to have fun and explore yourself, not for being upset that some okay-looking guy doesn’t want to settle down. With that being said, always remember, you come first. If you want a relationship and he doesn’t, don’t stick around. Your wants and needs are valid and you deserve the best!

Another thing I will point out is that you are not responsible for sharing yourself with anyone for any longer than you feel comfortable. Whether it’s just hooking up or dating, don’t be scared to leave because of their reaction or your fear to lose something.

Another valid point I’ll bring up is to PLEASE use protection. I know he is nice and seems clean, but college is deceiving. We all have sexual needs and wants. And yes, we might even have sex with people we aren’t necessarily exclusive with – which is totally natural and expected. However, he could be sleeping around and you don’t want that to come back to you. 

And most importantly, take care of yourself. You know what’s best for you and you got this. If all else fails a few girl’s nights out can always help a broken heart.

Chloe Sacre

Cincinnati '22

University of Cincinnati
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