8 Products to Keep You Motivated for the Rest of the Semester

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We're halfway through the fall semester, and it's a habit to hit snooze four times, roll out of bed on the wrong side, and grumble unintelligible swear words on the way to class as we brave the biting wind. Final exams seem simultaneously close and distant when we realize we only have four weeks left, but assignments are increasing in both point value and amount. However, with these products from the Her Campus Survival Kit, you'll be strutting through the semester like your singing down the streets of Barcelona. Check out our chapter's tried and true reviews below, and follow us on Instagram @hccincinnati for a chance to win some of these awesome items to motivate you through the rest of the semester!    

Aéropostale Accessories Their scrunchies are the cutest! They are not too big and overbearing. I wore one to the gym and it kept my hair up, didn’t tangle, and it looked so cute. I love the dark velvet colors, they are so versatile, fun and will go great with Aéropostale’s denim fall collection! - Megan Horrall

I’ve been searching for a pair of sunglasses like this for forever. The circular shape gives them a trendy look and the black lenses with the gold trim is super neutral and can be paired with almost anything. I initially wore them with a UC t-shirt and a pair of high-waisted mom jeans for a football game. This was when I realized that circular sunnies do my face shape absolutely no justice. So here's me on another day letting them hang onto my white turtleneck sweater paired with a light jean jacket. Despite the fact that these don't work on my face, I still give them a 10/10 as a solid accessory that can be worn throughout any season. - Karina Baffa

When I thought of Aeropostale, I thought of my middle school self, doing her best to fit in: wearing a t-shirt with the word “Aeropostale” blazoned across the front, flared jeans, and feet shoved into trip-inducing clogs. But after trying the new accessories in the survival kit and ogling their fall jean line online, I’m now calling myself a convert. Aeropostale is now a trend to be reckoned with, featuring denim and accessories that are fun and versatile, with colors that will flatter any collegiate who is looking to turn heads. - Lauren Lewis

Bed Head by TIGI

Bed Head Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo has been one of my go to’s for my hair. I have used this since dry shampoo became a thing. As somebody with thick, occasionally greasy and damaged hair, this stuff does the trick. Often times dry shampoos leave residue in my hair, but I have never had an issue with this product. - Megan Horrall

Erin Condren 

Planning things is not something that comes easy to me, but somehow, these brightly colored, gilded edged planners, find a way to motivate the organizer in me to wake up and start her day. A smattering of inspirational sayings that find a way to showcase the LifePlanner™’s sleek design. This 18-month planner has a horizontal layout, making it easier to color-code your classes and life on separate lines, helping make your life more simplified and stylish. One of the favorite sayings I found in this planner represents it to a tee, “Don’t call it a dream, call it a plan.” - Lauren Lewis

Freeman Beauty

I applied the mask as directed on the back of the package. Starting with a clean, damp face, I began to spread the mask evenly across my skin. In order to do so, I found it was easiest to dab the gel with my index and middle fingers in a circular motion; the mask was much thicker than I expected.

Once fully applied, I let the mask sit for about 7 minutes. Then, I exfoliated and removed the charcoal-infused gel with warm water and my fingertips again.

Right away I could feel the elasticity my skin retained due to the mask shrinking my pores. In the future I could definitely see myself using this product again, I highly recommend it. - Carolyn Schultz

The Freeman Manuka Honey & Tea Tree Oil face mask smelled amazing and left my skin feeling even better. I am super picky about my face masks because I don’t like when the smells are too overwhelming, but this mask was the perfect blend of a relaxing day on the beach and hard-working face rejuvenator. I definitely would recommend this mask to anyone looking for some R&R after a long day of work! - Veronica Stern


Before receiving these in the Her Campus survival kit, I thought I had never tried a Hi-Chew before. I choose a strawberry one to try, and instantly recognized the deliciously chewy and sweet strawberry candy: it was the same treat I kept buying for myself at 7 Elevens all over Thailand during my study abroad. I had no idea that this candy was sold in the US, and I am so happy to know that I can now treat myself with it here! After trying the flavors, I decided that my favorite one is the mango, then the strawberry, followed by the apple, and then the grape. This candy is great because it’s chewy, but doesn’t stick to your teeth like a Now & Later or Starburst. The flavors are actually pretty accurate to the real fruit, especially with the mango. If you’re a fruit fanatic like me, then these Hi-Chew candies were made for you! - Lauren Lewis

Hi-Chews are my absolute favorite chew candies. They aren’t too overwhelming and last the perfect amount of time. These deliciously scrumptious candies are the perfect after dinner treat and taste so good!! - Veronica Stern

L'Oréal Paris Sublime Bronze

My roommate suffers from being pale; she never wants to stand next to me because she believes she looks too pale. So I gave her the L’Oreal wipes to use, and the first time she used them I helped her put them on. The wipe was clear, which was a surprise because we were expecting it to have some kind of tint. She applied it to her legs, arms, and chest. After a couple of hours she looked a little bronze, almost like she had lain outside on the beach for 20 minutes. It’s been almost a week and she’s still bronze. She didn’t need to use the other wipe again for another few days, and she can take pictures next to me again! So I’m pretty happy about that. - Ricole Davis


Thanks to Spindrift and Her Campus, I got to try Spindrift Seltzer water, the lemon flavor. And let me tell you, it was delicious!! I recently started a new diet known as the ketogenic diet. The point of it is low carbs and high fat. Because I consume so few carbs, I do not eat nearly as much fruit as I used to, and I do miss it. This light flavoring of lemon was perfect to quench my hankering. There are no carbs or calories in the drink, and it's a healthier alternative than diet pop. I definitely would try this again (and possibly other flavors) because of how light and tasty it was. 10/10!!- Meredith Evans


My roommate has always used one of these, but I never actually knew what it was. I had just assumed it was a travel case for her toothbrush, but when we received these in the Her Campus Survival Kit, I was shocked to learn that they are actually pods that decontaminate your toothbrush between uses! These pods contain thymol, which is a popular ingredient in mouthwash, and on this pod, it keeps your toothbrush clean for up to three months! When I opened it, I was shocked that I could actually smell the thymol in the pods; it has a clean, astringent scent. I'm one of those people who uses an electric toothbrush and can't fall asleep without brushing her teeth, so knowing that this will take my smile to the next level made me smile even more! Steripods are also perfect for traveling, so wherever you go over Thanksgiving break, snap a Steripod onto your toothbrush, and know that your smile will be worthwhile. - Lauren Lewis