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5 Ways to Start #feelingfall When it’s Still Hot Outside

It is finally fall! A season in which fashion and lifestyle inarguably thrive. I don’t know about you guys, but once school starts, I am always anxiously anticipating the start of Autumn and the cooler weather. If I could wear oversized sweaters and drink pumpkin spice lattes every single day, I totally would. Unfortunately, in Ohio, the transition into the cooler weather takes a little longer than any fall lover wants. Here are my five tips to overcome the Ohio heat and get into the fall spirit!

1. Bring the fall aesthetic into your room

Nothing like some pumpkins and pops of orange to get you into the fall spirit! Michaels currently has amazing, cheap fall decorations (and a lot of it is on sale!). Grab some faux pumpkins, orange flowers, even a fall scented candle (or five) and swap out your normal décor for a few pieces that get you in the spirit.

2. Slowly transition fall pieces into your outfits 

It can be so difficult to seamlessly transition your wardrobe from summer to fall. The WORST thing is walking to class and sweating profusely because you were #feelingfall and wore jeans and a sweater in 75-degree weather (been there). There are a few ways you can incorporate an autumn look into your style while still being comfortable in the Ohio heat.

  • Wear an oversized sweater tucked into shorts. This is my favorite! The outfit is still cozy, but the shorts keep it cool enough to walk in the sun and sit in a warm classroom.

  • Layer your dresses. Throw a plain white t-shirt under a casual sundress and pair it with some booties. Super trendy and super #fall.

  • Incorporate oranges, olives and mustard yellow into your outfit. Nothing screams fall more than a rusty orange, am I right!?

3. Fall up your planner

I use my planner RELIGIOUSLY. I would be absolutely lost without it. Since I look at it so much, I like to take the time to make it really cute and organized. One of my favorite things to do is decorate the week pages with stickers. The sticker packs I buy are from Michaels and are made for planners. The brand is “Create 365.” Grab some pumpkin and leaf stickers and get into the autumn spirit!

4. A cold (and healthier) pumpkin spice latte 

I am an avid iced coffee drinker. I’m talking year-round – even in an Ohio snowstorm. I just discovered that you can order pumpkin spice lattes ICED! Great, we love that, but…. pumpkin spice lattes really are not the best for you. Here are a few tips for creating a healthy coffee order when you are craving that pumpkin spice.

  • Skip the whipped cream! This will save you 70 calories!

  • Switch out your milk. Almond Milk (save 80 calories), Nonfat Milk (Save 50 calories), Coconut Milk (Save 40 calories)

  • Order your drink with fewer pumps of pumpkin syrup. A grande has FOUR pumps of syrup. Order it with two, save 60 calories and I promise you will hardly notice a difference!

  • Ditch the pumpkin spice all together and order an Iced coffee with sugar-free Cinnamon Dolce Syrup with your choice of milk to appease your fall drink craving without all the calories or sugar!

I hope these tips help all you Autumn lovers out there beat these last few weeks of heat and have you #feelingfall!

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