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5 Reasons Why Bff Costumes Are Better Than Bf Costumes

Now that we’re college students the question is no longer what we’re going to be for Halloween, but WHO we’re going to dress up with. If you’re in a lovey-dovey relationship then your answer is crystal clear, you’re going to make your boyfriend dress up with you. You’ll probably make him dress up in some horrible matchy costume that will make all the single girls sulk and wish they had a significant other in the most demanding time, holiday season. But single girls, you don’t have to be miserable.

Grab your best girlfriend and make her match with you because in all reality BFF costumes are so much better than BF’s and here’s 5 reasons why:

1.All good things come in twos.

What’s better than one hot babe? Two. When you and your best friend match all eyes will be on you because there’s now double the trouble.

2.The goal is to be hawt.

You and your matchy bestie obviously have one goal in mind…to get the attention of all the guys. Since neither of you have a boyfriend to tie you down you can wear any outfit, the one hall pass of the year, your heart desires even if it’s a little on the risqué side.

3.Your boyfriend can’t dress up as a kitty cat with you.

There’s just some costumes that wouldn’t be very cute if you saw a guy wearing them. No your boyfriend can’t be your twin cat or sidekick angel, but good thing for you because your best friend can be.

4.You both will have the same definition of cute ideas.

Guys just don’t always have the same Halloween vision of girls. No you don’t want to go as football players or any sports people on that note. That’s why you can always turn to your best friend to have a cute, girly idea for the two of you.

5.Your best friend is your best critic.

Your man is your man and he obviously thinks you’re the hottest girl on campus, but your girl will make sure you’re the hottest girl on campus. She’ll do your make-up perfectly and make sure your outfit is absolutely on point.

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