5 Questions I Absolutely Hate When I'm Around My Family



Winter Break was pretty awesome but it feels so good to be back at school. Stuffing your face with food, hanging out with hometown friends, and spending time with your family is always fun. But they always find a way to kill your vibe with their ten thousand question game. I'm pretty sure we all have those relatives who never fail to ask us the same questions every single year. I decided to give answers to the questions I hate the most during the holidays, I hope my responses are beneficial to every college student ever. When I returned to campus, hearing these words being asked is something I do not miss.

1. How are your grades?

I would really prefer not to talk about this at the dinner table, or at all. This is my break my school and I’d rather not bring it up.

2.  Do you have a boyfriend?

I’m pretty sure he would be here right now or I would’ve mentioned it by now. So that gives you your answer.

3. What do you want to be when you grow up?

You know what my major is right? Well I want to do something in that field.

4.  Are you gaining weight?

Please don’t ask me this while I’m eating.

5. How’s your roommate?

She is fine. We are fine. Let’s stop talking about me and anything that pertains to me.