13 Very "April Ludgate-y" Thoughts You've Probably Had in College

When you wake up 10 minutes before a class that's all the way across campus, it's raining, and you're stuck walking right behind a tour group 


When you manage to find all the buildings your classes are in the first week while only asking for directions 7 times 



When you stay up until 3 am writing and perfecting a paper and your prof gives you a C- 


When you should've studied more, but the exam was multiple choice, and you are a really good guesser so you get a good grade anyways


When you get sick and have to go to a doctors appointment WITHOUT YOUR MOM 


When you are on your 12th Netflix episode of the night and your friends try to get you to go out with them


When you see a dog on campus


When it's a really nice day, but you are too stressed about exam week to appreciate it 


When you and your friends take a much needed study sesh jam break 


When you're already sweating from walking all over campus in 85-degree weather then get into an elevator with 8 other students


When your prof wants to do an ice breaker activity in your 8 am class and you are too tired and caffeine-deprived to participate properly


When someone in your class compliments your outfit, and you decide maybe getting up 5 minutes earlier has its perks


Dining hall food.........