Why you should talk to the cute guy in your class

Why you should talk to the cute guy in your class

So you walk into the first class of the year, nervously prance around the room and quickly sit down to avoid any awkward eye contact with your soon to be classmates. As you wait, you sneakily glance around, trying not to make any uncomfortable interactions. Then, from the side of your eye, you notice him. The one that will make going to your 8am slightly tolerable, the one that will encourage you to take that shower in the morning and the one you will most likely spend half of the class period fantasizing about. You melt over his smile and daydream about being in his arms, but there’s just one slight problem. You haven’t said one word to him. Lets be honest, we’ve all been there, one to many times. But girl, its time for a change. It’s time start making those dreams happen.

1.     What’s the worst that can happen? You may say something stupid. So what.  It can be your first inside joke. Every couple has those, and you just made your first one.

2.     You may happen to be brutally honest and express you true feelings without him even knowing your name? Great! Every strong relationship starts of with honesty.

3.     You’ll have a new study buddy. Nothings wrong with making new friends, who knows, you may have found a new free tutor.


4.     He may have cute friends. He may not be the one you thought he was, but his friend may be prince charming.

5.      You may even be the new tumblr famous power couple! Every insta famous couple starts somewhere.

6.     You’ll want to start coming to class. Everyone needs some inspiration, and he may just be yours.


7.     You’ll have a cute story to tell your kids of how you met. Who doesn’t love young love.